BrestnitsaPoleto: An Early Medieval Settlement with a Metallurgical Complex (Northwestern Bulgaria) (Archaeologia Bulgarica Supplements. Volume 5)
Брестница—Полето. Ранносредновековно селище с металургичен комплекс (Северозападна България)
Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English
Category: medieval archaeology


Table of contents



Chapter I. State of research on old iron production in Bulgaria

Chapter II. Brestnitsa – Poleto. An early medieval settlement with a metallurgical complex

II.1. Settlement characteristics

II.1.1. Dwellings

II.1.2. Outdoor household ovens

II.1.3. Dug-in structures of unclear nature

II.1.4. General characteristics, chronology and analogies of the settlement

II.2. Metallurgical complex

II.2.1. Workshops

II.2.2. Production technology

II.2.3. Characteristics and analogies of the metallurgical complex

II.3. Necropolis

II.4. Pottery

II.4.1. Vessels made by hand or finished on a primitive wheel

II.4.2. Vessels made on a slow potter’s wheel

II.4.3. Vessels made on a potter’s wheel with fast rotation

II.5. Finds

II.5.1. Finds related to the metallurgical process and the iron processing

II.5.2. Finds related to the daily routine and the practice of specific crafts

II.5.3. Jewellery

II.5.4. Weapons and equipment

II.5.5. Cult objects

Chapter III. Development of iron-production in Bulgaria during the Middle Ages








Publisher NOUS
Language Bulgarian with summary in English
Pages 162
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-92566-9-7
Creation date 2023
Size 20 x 28 cm

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