Seven Muslim Saints from Bulgaria
Second revised and supplemented edition
Author: Bozhidar Alexiev

Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English 


Table of contents


Chapter 1: Saru Saltuk Dede

The historical Saru Saltuk

The name and the origin

Saru Saltuk as a saint and wonder-worker

Saru Saltuk as a soldier for fait (gazi) and a conqueror

The legen about Saru Saltuk’s death and the distribution of the saint’s cult

Saru Saltuk  between Christianity and Islam

Chapter 2: Ali Koc Baba

Chapter 3: Otman Baba

Chapter 4: Kademli Baba Sultan

Chapter 5: Akyazılı Baba

Chapter 6: Kız Ana Sultan

Chapter 7: Demir Baba

The birth of Demir Baba

The extraordinary strength of Demir Baba

Demir Baba as a provider of benefits

Demir Baba as an embodiment of fairness and truth



Summary in English

Седем мюсюлмански светци от България

Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 252
Illustrations -
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-322-496-8
Creation date 2012
Size 14 х 22 cm

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