Georg Heidemark. Combat flights over Macedonia
Category: Bulgaria during the World War I
Бойни полети над Македония
Language: Bulgarian


   The book is a story about events in the sky over the White Sea and Eastern Macedonia during the First World War (19161917). The author  Captain Heidemark  was a career German staff officer sent as an observer to one of the Imperial aeroplanes. At that time, the armies of the Kingdom of Bulgaria were fighting on three fronts on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula. The main front is in Macedonia, where the aviation squadrons and units of the British, French, Bulgarians and Germans are also concentrated. The sky above the region begins to gradually become an arena of fierce confrontation, and Captain Heidemark describes the war in the air in a credible way. It focuses on aviation technology, with its flight, combat and support capabilities. Risky combat flights are emblematic of this book.


Table of contents

Предговор от преводача

Всяко начало е трудно

Лейтенант Фон Ешвеге

Око за око

Блатните птици

Our friends: The English

Осем към едно

Лош късмет

Bisin dostlar: Türkler



Ветрове и облаци

Naschitje prijateli: Bölgaritje

Неприятелски съюзници


Летището ни е в пламъци

В експлозията

Шумно прощално тържество

Балон и половина

Кралят на въздуха

Последната победа

ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ: Основни бойни самолети на Македонския фронт 1916-17 г.


Publisher Albatros
Language Bulgarian
Pages 132
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-7756-00-5
Creation date 2023
Size 14 х 21 cm

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