Escape from GDR across the “Iron Curtain” of Bulgaria: Ways, methods, victims
Language: Bulgarian


     The book presents information about the methods and ways for escape of German Democratic Republic's citizens through the BulgarianTurkish, BulgarianGreek or BulgarianYugoslav border (19611989). The number of documented attempts at escape of GDR's citizens across the Bulgarian border is 1527. Most cases were registered in 1988  114. The research is based on documents, materials and photographs from the archives of the security services of the GDR and Bulgaria, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of GDR, the Central State Archive of Bulgaria etc.

Бягство от ГДР през "Желязната завеса" на България

Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian
Pages 352
Illustrations -
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-00-0801-9
Creation date 2018
Size 14 х 21 cm

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