Art Studies Quarterly 2017/1
Bulgarian, English, French with summaries in English 


Table of contents

G. Schiemenz. The Gothic Psalter in Munich: A Witness in the Case of the Orthodox αἶνοι Wall Paintings

Б. Пенкoва. Ктиторските портрети в Боянската църква като свидетелство за историята и културата на своето време
B. Penkova. The period’s history and culture as evidenced by the portraits of the donors of Boyana Church (summary)

A. Milanova. La sculpture architecturale de la côte bulgare de la mer Noire entre l'Est et l'Ouest aux XIIIeXIVe siècles

Д. Косева. Фигурални капители от разкопките във Велико Търново
D. Kosseva. Figure Capitals from Excavation Works in Veliko Tarnovo (summary)

E. Moussakova. Late Medieval South Slavonic Illumination in the Byzantine Context

T. Vasilev. Bilingualism in Post-Byzantine Mural Inscriptions in Balkan Art: Historical Background and Functions

Г. Парпулов. Две непознати творби на Захарий Зограф
G. Parpulov. Two New Works of Zakharii Zograf (summary)


A. Preobrazhensky. The Jubilee of Engelina Smirnova

Selected publicatios of Engelina Smirnova


M. Kolusheva. Icon Painters Beyong Borders or on the Authority of the Arbanassi Painting

Проблеми на изкуството 2017/1

Publisher Institute of Art Studies (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English, French with summaries in English
Pages 64
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 0032-9371
Creation date 2017
Size 21 х 29 cm

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