Archaeology of Sofia and Sofia region: Exhibitions catalogue 20152019
Археология на София и Софийско. Каталог на изложби (20152019)
Language: BulgairanEnglish (bilingual)


Table of contents



Lion’s Bridge sq., Sofia

Site № 7, Petarch village

Site № 2, Slivnitsa town

Site № 2, Benkovski neighbourhood, Sofia

Site № 11B, Chukovezer village

Site № 5, Dragovishtitsa village

Early Neolithic Settlement Slatina-Sofia, Sofia

Early Neolithic Settlement SlatinaSofia on Vladovo str., УПИ IV594/ УПИ V596а, Sofia

Early Neolithic Settlement SlatinaSofia on Vladovo str., УПИ IV594, Sofia

St. Nedelya sq., Sofia

Kremikovtsi monastery, Sofia

Site № 11A, Chukovezer village

Site № 3, Benkovski neighbourhood, Sofia

Site № 3, Aldomirovtsi village

Site № 8, Petarch village

Site УПИ I and УПИ II, sq. 259a, Solni Pazar, Sofia

Site № 5, Iliantsi neighbourhood, Sofia

Site № 10, Aldomirovtsi village

Late Antique production complex and Early Medieval settlement, Mirovyane village

Western gate of Serdica, Sofia

Site УПИ IV7, sq. 63, Sofia

Largo, Nezavisimost sq.,Sofia

Site № 1, Mirovyane village

ACCC Serdica, Sofia

Site УПИ I, sq. 255, 1 Positano sq., Sofia

Antique villa rustica, Dragovishtitsa village

Late medieval necropolis on the Western arc of Sofia Ring Road, Sofia

Site УПИ VIII401.267, sq. 17, 35 Ekzarh Yosif str., Sofia

St. Maria Magdalena monastery, Buhovo town

Site УПИ XVII, sq. VIII457, 7 Ivan Vazov str., Sofia

Eastern necropolis of Serdica, St. Sophia basilica, Sofia

Site УПИ I10, 26, sq. 536, 2, 4 Yanko Sakazov blvd., Sofia

Boyana church, Sofia

St. Nikola monastery, Batulia village

Field survey in the western part of Sofia valley

Urvich fortress, Kokalyane village

Antique tomb, Moskovska str., Eastern necropolis of Serdica, Sofia



Publisher Regional Historical Museum – Sofia
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 226
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-91136-3-9
Creation date 2019
Size 16 х 16 cm

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