The late Roman residence Scretisca and the Early Byzantine settlement Κρατισκαρα. (Archaeological researches at Gradishteto locality near the town of Kostinbrod in 19901994) (Excavations and Research, vol. 30)
Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English


Table of contents /summary/


Part I. Late Roman residence

I.1. The villa and the architectural complex of the residence

I.2. Description of the discovered remains of the residence

I.2.1. The east wing

I.2.1.1. The trenches by the outer east façade

I.2.1.2. The studies in the south part of the east wing

I.2.1.3. General description of the east wing

I.2.2. The northeast corner

I.2.2.1. Building I/2123

I.2.2.2. Building I/2

I.2.3. The north wing

I.2.3.1. Hall I/1

I.2.3.2. Structure I/24

I.2.3.3. Hall I/20

I.2.4. The northwest corner

I.2.4.1. Phase “a” of premise I/18

I.2.4.2. Phase “a” of premise I/19

I.2.4.3. Phase “b” of premise I/18

I.2.4.4. Phase “b” of premise I/19

I.2.5. The west wing

I.2.5.1. Premises I/25 and I/26

I.2.5.2. The trench in the central sector of the west wing

I.2.5.3. The outer façade of the west wing

I.2.6. The south wing

I.2.6.1. The outer south portico

I.2.6.2. The entrances between the west and the middles sector of the wing

I.2.6.3. The peculiarities in the track of the façade and the problem about the second passage space in the south wing

I.2.7. The peristylium

I.2.7.1. The peristylium pylons

I.2.7.2. The peristylium corridors

I.2.7.3. The large inner courtyard

I.3. Interpretation and functional characteristics

I.3.1. The east wing

I.3.2. The northeast corner and hall I/1

I.3.3. The central north sector and hall I/20

I.3.4. The northwest corner

I.3.5. The west wing

I.3.6. The south wing

I.3.7. The peristylium

I.3.8. The later reconstructions

I.4. Chronology, name and identification

I.4.1. The starting date of the residence

I.4.2. The reconstruction and the final date of the residence

I.4.3. The name of the residence

I.4.4. The problem about the identification of the residence

Part II. The post-residential village

II.1. The state of the research until 1990

II.2. The studies in 19901994

II.3. Character and chronology

Part III. The early Byzantine fortified settlement

III.1. Stages of the studies and general data

III.2. The fortification system

III.2.1. The structure

III.2.2. The fortifies walls

III.2.2.1. The east fortified wall

III.2.2.2. The west fortified wall

III.2.2.3. The south fortified wall

III.2.2.4. The north fortified wall

III.2.3. The turrets

III.2.3.1.  The circular corner turrets

III.2.3.2. The semicircular northeast turrets

III.2.4. The north gate has a supergate turret

III.2.5. The fortress staircase

III.2.5.1. The staircase in the west sector of the south wall

III.2.5.2. The staircase of the semicircular northeast turret

III.2.5.3. The staircase for the supergate turret of the gate

III.2.5.4. The wooden staircase

III.2.6. A comparative characteristic

III.3. Protected area

III.3.1. Buildings III/1-III/5

III.3.2. Building III/6

III.3.3. Building III/7

III.3.4. Building III/8

III.3.5. Other buildings

III.3.6. Interpretation of the established buildings

III.4. Name, chronology and significance

III.4.1.  The name of the fortified settlement

III.4.2. Chronology

III.4.3. Importance and place in the settlement system


List of figures


Късноримската резиденция Scretisca и ранновизантийското селище Κρατισκαρα (Археологическите проучвания в м. Градището през 1990–1994 г.)


Publisher NOUS
Language Bulgarian with summary in English
Pages 202
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0205-0722
Creation date 2003
Size 21 х 29 cm

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