Table of contents /summaries/

Articles and Reports

L. Konova. Symbols of Apollo Reflected in the Currency of Apollonia Pontica

B. Ruseva. The Hoard from Gurbino (IGCH 860) and Its Real Contents

D. Vladimirova-Aladjova. A Copper-Cored Gold Coin of Emperor Constantinus II

Vl. Penchev. A Hoard of Billon Scyphati from the Second Half of the 12th Century, Found in Kocherinovo

Vl. Penchev. A Hoard of Aspers ot Tsar Ivan Alexander with His Son Mihail Asen, Found in the Medieaval Town of Cherven

[G. Galabov. A Contribution to the History and Numismatics of Medieval Bulgaria. Part Four]

[N. Markov. About the Beginning of Coin Usage as Amulets According to the Finds from the Archaeological Excavations in Bulgaria]

[N. Markov. Two Metal Breast Icons from the Late Middle Ages]

Нумизматика и сфрагистика 2004-2005

Publisher Agato
Language Bulgarian with short summaries English
Pages 108
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
Creation date 2005
Size 16 x 24 cm

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