MaritsaIztok. Archaeological Research. Volume 3
In Bulgarian with a preface, lists of illustrations and extended summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/ 


K. Leshtakov, B. Borisov. Barrow IV near the village of Golyma Detelina, district of Radnevo

M. Kanchev. Barrow II (Golyama Mogila) near the village of Golyama Detelina, district of Radnevo  Part I

K. Leshtakov, T. Popova. Barrow II (Golyama Mogila) near the village of Golyama Detelina, district of Radnevo  Part II

I. Panayotov, S. Alexandrov. The Early Bronze Age necropolis near the villages of Mednikarovo and Iskritsa

K. Nikov. Decoration of the pottery from the Early Iron Age from “Gradishteto” near the village of Glavan

R. Georgieva. Excavations of a dolmen and a barrow near the village of Glavan

R. Georgieva, B. Borisov. Late Iron Age Thracian barrow near Staroselets

S. Savatinov. Trench excavations at the “Staroto selishte” locality near the town of Radnevo

H. Buyukliev. A newly discovered inscription dedicated to Philip the Arabian and Martia from Atilia Severa

D. Nikolov. The reforms in Thrace and Moesia after Diocletian

D. Alajov. The results from the archaeological excavations in Constantia

B. Borisov. Trench excavations of the Early Byzantine and Middle Age site near Gipsovo

G. Sheyleva. Excavations of the Medieval Age site, fortress and necropolises near Iskritsa, district of Galabovo (19891994)

C. Cholakov, N. Kondova. Biological reconstruction of the Middle Age population of South-East Bulgaria


Марица–Изток. Археологически проучвания. Том 3

Publisher Archaeological Museum "Maritsa–Iztok" – Radnevo
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 304
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 954-90117-1-2
Creation date 1995
Size 21 х 29 cm

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