Table of contents /summary/

S. Ivanova, S. Taneva. Middle Paleolithic Assemblages from the Collection of National Archaeological Museum

T. Tsonev. Willendorf II, Levels 5, 6, 7 [full text]

M. Gyurova. Use-Wear Analyses: Problems of Terminology

D. Dimitrov. New-Found Early Neolithic Settlements in the Upper Strouma Valley

Y. Yordanov, B. Dimitrova. Anthropological Data about Buried Individuals in an Intramural Necropolis in a Settlement from the Early Neolithic  the Village of Maluk Preslavets, Silistra Region

A. Radouncheva. A Temple Complex and a Market Place from the Early Neolithic

V. Nikolov. The Neolithic Culture in the Bulgarian Lands in the Context of Anatolia and the Balkans

N. Sirakov. “Steppe Invasion” in the Balkans and the Eneolithic/Bronze Age Transition in the Light of Stone Assemblages in Northern Bulgaria

T. Stoytchev. Some Factors which Define the Necessity of Time Measuring Units Longer than 24-hours Period from Upper Paleolithic till Bronze Age

A. Radouncheva. Dolnoslav: A Temple Centre from the Eneolithic

T. Popova. Palaeobotanical Finds from the Village of Drinovo

L. Ninov. Domestication and Osteological Changes of Pigs [full text]

A. Bonev. Investigation of the Inlaid Pottery Culture along the Lower Danube

Y. Youroukova, M. Domaradzki. Emporium Pistiros [full text]

B. Rousseva. Un fragment inconnu du Trésor de Samovodéné (IGCH 395)  acquis recement par le Musée Historique National de Sofia

K. Kisyov. A Contribution to the Exploration and Dating of the Clay Ritual Construction from Plovdiv (Nebettepe) and Its Role for Clarifying the Localization of the Thracian Town of Odrysa

C. Preshlenoff. Financial Administration in the West Pontic Towns during the Roman Epoch

V. Naydenova. Les periscelides en Mésie [full text]

L. Vagalinski. Roman Army  Gladiatura  Thracians

K. Melamed. The Pits Near the Village of Sedlare, Kurdzhali Region

S. Stanilov. The Hypothesis of Tangra and the Madara Horseman

D. Ovcharov. The Proto-Bulgarian Sanctuary by the Village of Gortalovo, Pleven Region

Y. Yordanov, B. Dimitrova. Anthropological Characteristics of Buried Individuals in the Medieval Necropolis near the Village of Trustenik, Rousse Region (IX-X Century AD, Excavations of 1983)

I. Shtereva. Medieval Monuments from the Region of Momchilgrad

B. Tomova. A Founder’s Portrait from 10th Century

V. Nesheva. The Churches in Melnik (According to the Archaeological Data)

V. Penchev. Four Copper Scyphates ot Tsar Assen II Found during Archaeological Excavations in Melnik

N. Tchaneva-Detchevska. On the Question of the Church of St. Archangels in the Bachkovo Monastery and the Other Two-Stored Churches in the Region

T. Stoytchev, T. Yovcheva, M. Chongarska. Bibliography of Bulgarian Archaeology 1994

T. Stoytchev. Bibliography of Bulgarian Archaeology 1995


Годишник на Департамент "Археология“, Нов Български Университет, т. 2-3

Publisher New Bulgarian University / Agato
Language Bulgarian, English, French with summaries in English, аnd Bulgarian
Pages 396
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1310-7949
Creation date 1996
Size 21 x 29 cm

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