Ancient Thrace: A Symposium on the Thracian Tribal, Regal and Urban Coinage (6th­1st Century BC). Collected papers. Author: Stavri Topalov. Language: Bulgarian


Table of contents


Contributions to the Study of Tribal and Regal Coinage and the Historical Events in Ancient Thrace in the 6th1st Century BC

Review of the Studies on the Earliest Tribal Territories of the Odryssians and the Bessae

A New Important Argument for Ascertaining the Issuer of the Anepigraphic Coins of the Type “Silenus and Nymph” as a Result of the Study of Over 200 Different Types of Main Images Known of the Electron Coins Minted in Cyzicus from the End of 7th Century BC to the Middle of 4th Century BC

Were Thracian Imitations of Coins of the Type “Silenus and Nymph” Minted by Thracian Tribes and Early Odryssian Kings?

A New Study of the Denomination of the Silver Coins of the Type “Silenus and Nymph” of Weights between 4.00 g. and 3.50 g. Minted from the End of 6th Century BC to the First Quarter of 4th Century BC

Contribution to the Study of Whether to So-Called Thracian “Royal” Cult of Hermes Existed on the Basis of the Authentic Political Information about Thrace Represented in the Images and Legends of the Early Thracian Tribal and Early Odryssian Regal Coins

Silver Coins of Small Denominations of the Type “Silenus and Nymps” Non-Commented in the Numismatic Studies and New Views on the Denominations of the Silver Coins of the Type “Silenus and Nymph”

A New Argument Related to the Minting of Bronze Coins of the Type “Silenus and Nymph” in the Interior of the Thracian Lands 

Unpublished Coins of the Thracian Tribe of Danteletae from a Private Collection

Information about a Bronze Coin of High Denomination of the Type “Man’s Head with Long Straight Hair, Beard and Moustaches R.  Vine with Two Grapes, a Monogram on the Right, All in a Concave Square” from a Private Collection

New Data about the Connection between the Image of a Bipennis and a Conical Vessel with Two Handles Representing Dynastic Symbols on the Early Odryssian Regal Coinage

A New Contribution to the Study of the Coinage of the Early Odryssian King Kersebleptes (359~341/340 BC)    

Critical Notes of Reviewing Results of Studies on the History of the Early Odryssian Kingdom in the Article “Counter-Marked Silver Coins of Saratokos and Kotys Minted in Maronea”, Jubilee Symposium “One Hundred Years of the Birth of Dr. Vassil Haralanov”, Koychev, 2008, 285304

Unusual Mediums of Exchange in Ancient Thrace Dated after 4th Century BC Made of Deformed Bronze Coins and Making of Similar Rectangular Bronze Ingots

Contribution to the Study of the Bronze Coins of Pyrrhos, King of Epire, Minted in Macedonia in Time When He Was King of Macedonia

Did Ptolemy Keraunos Mint Coins during His Short Reign in Macedonia in 280 BC?

New Contributions to the Study of the Types of Monograms, Combinations of Monograms and Counter-Marks on Adaeus’s Coins

Bronze Coin of the Type “Heracles’s Head  ΑΛΕΣΑΝΔΡΟΥ Crook, Bow, Quiver” Counter-Marked as a Thracian Imitation of Coins of the Same Type

Thracian Imitations of Bronze Coins of Lisymachus of the Type “Heracles’s Head  ΒΑΖΙ/ΛΙΣΙ in a Crown of Wheat Ears”

Unpublished Thracian Imitations of Bronze Coins of Amphipolis of the Type “Artemis’s Head  Artemis Tavropolos”

Information on a Non-Commented Type of Bronze Coins of the Thracian King Roemetalces II

An Unusual Counter-Mark on a Bronze Coin of Roemetalces I

Contributions to the Study of Coinage and Counter-Marking of Coins of Towns of the Thracian Coast and the Historical Events in the 6th-1st Century BC

A Contribution to the Study on the Beginning of the Coinage of Bizantium

A New Type of a Bronze Coin of Small Denomination from the Propontis Area of the Type “Bearded Aged Man’s Head with Moustache  ΑΔ Conical Vessel with Two Hadles”

Bronze Coins of Kypsela of the an Unknown Small Demomination

New Data about the Existence of Bronze Coins from a Small Denomination of Apollonia Pontica from the Type “Apollo’s Head Facing  Upright Anchor”

A New Contribution to the Coin with Legends ΜΕΛΣΑ

With the Feature of Which Historical Person Were Portrayed Heracle’s Heads on the Tetradrachms of Alexander Type of Odessos and Messambria Minted at the End of the 2nd Century BC and First Quarter of 1st Century BC

Numismatic Information on the Relations between the Western Pontic Poleis Messambria and Odessos and the Pontic Kingdom from the End of 3rd Century BC to the Middle of 2nd Century BC

New Information on the Images and Counter-Mars on Bronze Coins of Apollonia Pontica of Type “Apollo’s Head R.  ΑΠΟΛΛΟΝΟΣ  ΙΑΤΡΟΥ Apollo’s Statue of Full-Face Apollo Standing and Holding a Laurel in One Hand and a Bow and Two Arrows in the Other”

Contribution to the Study of the Bronze Coins of Odessos Minted from the End of the 1st Century BC to the Beginning of 1st Century AD and the Reasons for their Counter-Marking

New Possibilities of Study of the Initial Stages of Activity of Messambria Mint during the Roman Period in the Lands of Thrace Offered by the Monetary Type “ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΥ Emperor’s Head R.  ΜΕΣΗΜΒΡΙΑΝΩΝ Full-Face Apollo Standing and Holding a Plectrum and a Lyre”

Studies in Thracian Archaeology

Thracian Ritual Axes from a Private Collection

List of Ancient Authors


Древна Тракия. Сборник проучвания, свързани с тракийското племенно, владетелско и градско монетосечене VI–I в. пр. н.е.

Publisher Mind Print
Language Bulgarian
Pages 480
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-92873-3-2
Creation date 2014
Size 14 х 22 cm

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