The Roman Coins from Potaissa. Legionary fortress and ancient town
Language: Engish with an extended summary in Romanian


     The catalogue of the book includes more than 3000 coins discovered within the fortress, the urban settlement and the necropolises of Potaissa. The analysed material comprises Roman imperial coins of the 1st4th century AD, Greek imperial coins of the 2nd3rd century AD and a Byzantine coin of the 6th century AD. A substantial part of the volume is dedicated to the debates on the evolution of monetary circulation at Potaissa.


Table of contents




Chapter I. Evolution of the Roman town of Potaissa

Chapter II. History of the numismatic research and the founding of monetary collections in Potaissa

A. History of the numismatic research

B. Ancient coins from Potaissa in various numismatic collections

Chapter III. Monetary finds in pre-Roman Potaissa

Chapter IV. A survey of the Roman coins from Potaissa according to the production technique

A. Plated coins

B. Hybrid coins

C. Cast denarii and cast bronze coins (“limes-falsa”)

D. Ancient forgeries or “barbarous” copies

E. A monetary workshop in Potaissa?

Chapter V. Monetary circulation in Potaissa

A. Monetary circulation

B. Imperial mints

C. Coins of the PMS Col Vim and Provincia Dacia type

D. Civic coins

Chapter VI. Hoards

A. The “Potaissa I” hoard

B. Regarding the presumptive hoard “Potaissa II”

Chapter VII. Coins finds and archaeological contexts

Chapter VIII. Methodological aspects


Abbreviations and bibliography

Catalogue of the coins found in Potaissa

I. The fortress of Legio V Macedonica

II. The ancient town

III. The modern town

IV. Necropolises and isolated graves

V. Roman coins “from Turda” without further specification

VI. Coins from the Kemény collection

VII. Coins from the Botár collection

VIII. The Hoard Potaissa I




Annex I. Platting techniques. Metallographic analyses

Annex II. The refractory melting pot with copper grain from Potaissa (Turda). Mineralogical analysis

Annex III. Compositional analyses of several Roman coins from Potaissa

Annex IV. Engineering analysis of selected coins. Solid evidences of cast copies?

Monedele romane de la Potaissa. Castru şi oraş (rezumat)

Maps and plans


Publisher Editura Mega
Language Engish with a summary in Romanian
Pages 460
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-606-543-021-1
Creation date 2009
Size 16 x 24 cm

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