The Roman Imperial hoard “Deleu” from Cluj-Napoca (Patrimonium Archaeologicum Transylvanicum Volume 3)
Language: Engish


Table of contents

The archaeological research on Deleu Street from Cluj-Napoca

The hoard

The denominations

The hoard structure

The mints

The “weird” coins

The archaeological context and the reason for the burial and the non-recovery of the hoard



Tab. 1. The structure of the “Deleu” hoard from Napoca

Tab. 2. The distribution of mints in the “Deleu” hoard from Napoca

Graph 1. The distribution of coins by issuers and the distribution of coins by coefficient/year of reign in the “Deleu” hoard

Map 1. The Roman Empire, pointing the location of the Roman town of Napoca

Map 2. Roman Dacia

Map 3. Central part of nowadays city of Cluj-Napoca

Map 4. Detail on the location of the excavation site

Fig. 1. Plan of the excavation on Deleu Street

Fig. 2. A stratigraphic view for the “Deleu” hoard

Pl. I. Aerial view of the excavation site on Deleu Street

A. General view

B. Detail

Pl. II. Building C2 and the findspot of hoard

Pl. III. The findspot of “Deleu” hoard

Pl. IV. The “Deleu” hoard



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ISBN 978-606-543-078-5
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