Yanislav Tachev. The Coinage of Аnchialos
Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English (40 pages) 


On the basis of 3112 coins analyzed, the present study treats some of the most important aspects of Ulpia Anchialos’ coinage:

systematization of the iconographic types, variants and sub-variants of the reverse dies;

determination of the number of reverse types;

re-identification and new interpretation of several reverse images;

determination of the number of emissions and their chronology for each individual princeps and his family members;

determination of the number of avers and reverse dies of studied coins and the links between them;

identification of the mutual reverse dies for the members of each imperial family;

identification of denominations issued for each individual princeps and his family members.


Table of contents


Chapter I. Notes on the history of Ulpia Anchialos from 2nd to 3rd century AD

Chapter II. Reverse iconographic types

Chapter III. Coin legends

Chapter IV. Metric parameters and denominations

Chapter V. Relations between coin dies and emissions chronology

Chapter VI. Countermarks

Chapter VII. Circulation and distribution

Chapter VIII. Counterfeits

Abstract of the monograph



Янислав Тачев. Монетосеченето на Анхиалос

Publisher Apolon-93
Language Bulgarian with summary in English
Pages 758
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-90409-1-1
Creation date 2018
Size 21 x 29 cm

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