Coins of Anchialus in the collection of Ancient Nessebar Museum
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Roman Provincial CoinageAnchialus


   Ancient Nessebar Museum possesses a rich collection of provincial bronze coins of Anchialus. The total number of coins is 157. The provincial coinage of Emperors in Anchialus is highly varied and widely represented in the collection  from Emperor Hadrian to Emperor Gordian III and Empress Tranquillina, excepting only Lucius Verus and his wife Lucilla. The book analyzes the averse and the reverse groups of coins. There are 6 coins on which names of provincial governors appears. Anchialus mints four types of pseudo-autonomous coins. Three of them were published and the collection of the Ancient Nessebar Museum contains a new type dated to the 2nd century during the reign of Antonine dynasty. The research pays particular attention to 7 unpublished types of coins.      


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Провинциалните монети на Анхиало в колекцията на Музей „Старинен Несебър“


Аверсни типове

Реверсни типове

Псевдоавтономните монети на Анхиало в колекцията  датировка

Непубликувани монетни типове

Контрамаркирани монети


Псевдоавтономни монети на Анхиало

Хадриан (117138)

Антонин Пий (138161)

Марк Аврелий (161180)

Фаустина Млада

Комод (177192)


Септимий Север (193211)

Юлия Домна

Каракала (198217)

Гета (209212)

Максимин I Тракиец (235238)

Гордиан III (238244)

Гордиан III и Транквилина



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