Studies in honour of Stavri Topalov in occasion of his 75th anniversary
Language: Bulgarian, English with summaries in English, Bulgarian, German, French and Russian


Table of contents /summaries/

Short biography of Stavri Topalov

References to articles and books published by Stavry Topalov

About Stavry Topalov

Collecting, cultural and historical heritage, history

V. Stefanov. The heritage, the law, the collection

I. Marazov. The turtle and the frog in the animal code of Thracian mythology

N. Nedelchev. The question about the ‘golden people’, ‘god kings’ and the ‘sacred kings’ during the establishment of the earliest states

I. Todorov. Connoisseurs of the fine

Numismatics, epigraphics, sphragistics

M. Manov. An evidence for the campaign of Darius I against the Scythians

Z. Kovachev. Rare early silver coins of Messambria Pontica from a private collection

L. Bankov. Unpublished specimens of two types of rare bronze coins of the Odryssian king Seuthes I from a private collection

A. Toromanov. A new unknown type of bronze coin with the portrait of Kotis I (~383359 BC) of high denomination [full text]

J. Hourmouziadis, N. Ilieff. The coinage of Teres III, Odrysian king of Thrace (351341 BC) [full text]

M. Metodiev. Non-countermarked bronze coin with the name of the chief of the Thracian tribal union of the Crobisae Sparates of the 3rd century BC

Н. Фролова, И. Прокопов, В. Пешехонов. Тетроболы г. Гистиеи (о-в Эвбея) и Македонии из собрания Государственного исторического музея (Москва)

V. Bekov. The start of the Alexander-type tetradrachm coinage at Odessos

V. Bekov, A. Ahmedov. Coin hoard with bronze coins of Odessos

I. Prokopov. Coin hoard from village Lomets, Troyan district, region Lovech

S. Gramaticu, V. Ioniță. Pseudo-autonomous coins with the head of Herakles minted at Callatis [full text]

M. Fox. A Flavian hole in Byzantium coinage now filled? [full text]

O. Gavrailov. Coins of Apollonia Pontica of 1st3rd c. BC from a private collection

I. Varbanov. Coin of Julia Maesa, minted at the Philippopolis mint

Y. Tachev. The provincial coinage of Apollonia Pontica. Pseudo-autonomous coins  chronology and analysis of the emissions

K. Ossenski. Coins or ... ?

D. Aladzhova. The fifth century AD and the marks of wealth (according to numismatic data) [full text]

I. Jordanov. Five Old Bulgarian seals

T. Popow. Über die Münzprägung von Georgi I Terter

N. Mitev. Bulgarian Medieval coins from the region of Aladzha monastery

S. Stoyanov. Rare and unpublished Bulgarian Medieval coins from a private collection

G. Zhekov. The coinage of Adrianopolis at the time of sultan Mehmed II


L. Leshtakov. Bronze and iron spearheads from the “Topallov” collection

N. Nikolov. Bronze bipennis and bronze sword from a private collection

N. Markov. Bains et baignades dans les œuvres des pères et des docteurs de l'èglise

B. Tomova. Necklace from the eighteenth century

General researches, modern coinage and bonism

B. Danailov. The face of the exhibition  reflections on its appearance [full text]

P. Patchev. “Wholesome money”  has anything changed in the substance of this term from the times of king Croesus (560546 BC) to the Global financial crisis of 2007?

K. Christov. Moscow narodny bank in London

Изследвания в чест на Ставри Топалов по случай неговата 75 годишнина

Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian, English with summaries in English, Bulgarian, German, French and Russian
Pages 376
Illustrations b/w figures
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ISBN 978-954-07-4453-7
Creation date 2018
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