Ilya Prokopov. Forgeries of Ancient and Medieval Coins manufactured in Bulgaria
Language: Bulgarian with introudction in German and a short summary in English
Category: Counterfeits


     “Forgeries of Ancient and Medieval Coins ‘manifactured’ in Bulgaria“ by Ilya S. Prokopov is addressed to unexperienced coin collectors and hobbyists. Its purpose is to create conditions for prevention of frauds with cultural heritage, i.e. Ancient coin flowing through Bulgarian domains.

    This catalogue lists 144 forgeries of Ancient and Medieval coins, made in various Bulgarian ateliers: 27 preRoman, 112 Roman Imperators and Provincial, and 5 medieval coins. The images are in high definition and magnification is also used for enhanced observation.

    As an introduction the author provides a brief but comprehensive scope of the modern history of forging coins in Europe since the Renaissance. Several forging “schools” in different countries are observed. Also bibliographic sources for infamous forgers are presented. The significant consequences of switching original with counterfeit coins and their cultural and historic effect are addressed. Nature and evolution invested in these original coins not only historical time but also a special information substance that has its own area of influence and radiation. Serious antagonisms between large communities and even conflicts may arise as a grave consequences of the infiltration of counterfeits in place of originals. Falsifying history overturns the future into an unpredictable minefield.

    The forged coins presented in this catalogue are made through various methods: casting, pressing, hammering, bonding, and galvanoplasty. The author also has encountered and displayed samples with no signs of aging and added patina. They facilitate the examination of details and characteristics typical for counterfeit coins. Amongst the presented there are coins with differing quality. Some are easy to recognize, others can hamper even experienced specialists. The author also recommends resources that would help the reader gain material for comparison by knowing the originals of the represented counterfeits. 

    This is the 9th book on forging ancient coins and the first, published in Bulgarian, authored by prof. Ilya Prokopov. The process of preparing this material to be published encountered
great troubles ever since 1992. The main difficulty is to gain access to the counterfeit coins, so that they can be studied and documented, on one hand the counterfeiters and dealers are not inclined to cooperate, and on the other  a huge amount of the counterfeits produced in
Bulgaria are exported out of the country. 
    This book would also be useful to museum and departmental staff that encounters the defeat of counterfeit cultural values.

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Уводни думи

Фалшификати на антични и средновековни монети, „произведени в България





Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian with an introduction in German and a summary in English
Pages 322
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-07-4124-6
Creation date 2016
Size 14 x 22 cm

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