Contribution to the study of the earliest anepigraphic coins minted in Southwest Thrace (middle of 6th century BC  first quarter of 5th century BC). Language: English


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Contributions to the study of the earliest anepigraphic coins minted in Southwestern Thrace (middle of 6th century BC — first quarter of 5th century BC)

Tables IVI


Appendix 1.  Genealogy of the Odrysian Kingdom from the end of 6th to the third quarter of the 4th century BC

Appendix 2. Diagram of the relations between two of the main branches of the Odrysian ruling dynasty


Catalogue of Early Thracian tribal coins of 6th—5th century BC (cat. No. 182)

Catalogue of anepigraphic types of coins minted on the territory of Early Odrysian Kingdom (cat. No. 8388)

Catalogue of the Early Odrysian regal coins of 5th—4th century BC (cat. No. 90181)


Принос към проучване най-ранните анепиграфни монетосеченета от земите на Югозападна Тракия


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