Cities in Southeastern Thrace: Continuity and Transformation
Edited by Daniela Stoyanova, Grigor Boykov, Ivaylo Lozanov


Table of contents


M. Sayar. The Poleis and Harbours in Southeastern Thrace and Thracian Chersonesos from the Archaic Period until the End of the Principate

T. Stoyanov. The Toponyms in the Inscriptions from Rogozen and the Historical Geography of Southeastern Thrace in the Classical and the Hellenistic Periods

D. Stoyanova. Doors of Tombs in Southeastern Thrace in the Pre-Roman Period

T. Nedyalkova. Dionysos in Propontis. The Numismatic Evidence in Pre-Roman times

K. Rabadjiev. Hunting in Paradise

D. Grudeva. The Kline from the Tomb at Naip and its Parallels in Northeastern Thrace

D. Lyubenova. Kypsela through its History and Coinage (4th3rd century BC)

D. Tochev. Notes on Hadrianopolis in Thrace

D. Boteva. ”Under cover of carrying succour to the Byzantines”: King Philip V of Macedon against Thracian chiefs (analysis of Liv. XXXIX, 35, 4)

F. Kolev. Bizye: From Tribal Residence to Roman City

S. Terziev. The cities in Southeastern Thrace and the central government under the last Thracian Kings (27 BCAD 45)

V. Staykov. Southeastern Thrace in the Late Antiquity. Ethnic Changes and Settlement Transformations

G. Sengalevich. Aristocratism and Piety along the Banks of Maritsa: The Case of Komnenos’ Monastery of the Mother of God Kosmosoteira

H. Hristozov. The Ottoman Town of İpsala from the Second Half of the 14th to the End of the 16th Century

M. Kiprovska. Pınarhisar’s Development from the Late Fourteenth to the Mid-Sixteenth Century: The Mihaloğlu Family Vakf Possessions in the Area

A. Milanova. In the shadow of Constantinople: The unpublished memoirs of Adrianople by F. Pouqueville


Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language English
Pages 222
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-07-4275-5
Creation date 2017
Size 16 х 24 cm

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