The book is the first attempt at a monograph summary on this attractive topic. It is an extended and updated version of the PhD thesis defended by the author in 1989. The chronological frames have been extended and now include the Hellenistic period (the late 4th  1st c. BC) in addition to the Roman Imperial period (the 1st  4th c. AD). Most of the information about this period encompassing more than 700 years dates back to the Roman period. The data comes from various sources  inscriptions, architectural remains, sculptures (reliefs mainly), accessories and written sources. The epigraphic monuments provide the main amount of information and their number has considerably increased during the recent twenty years. Part of the included information has not been published. Due to the fact that the territorial range of the book covers present-day Bulgaria, the catalogue includes artefacts only from this territory. However, they have been studied using the Graeco-Roman culture exhibited in Thracian and provincial Roman society as a background.

Lyudmil Vagalinski


Table of contents

Вместо увод

Глава I. Спорт

I. 1. Архитектурни паметници за спорт

І.2. Епиграфски паметници за спорт

І.3. Нумизматични данни за спорт

І.4. Спортни принадлежности

І.5. Скулптурни изображения свързани със спорт

Глава II. Гладиатура

ІІ.1. Архитектурни съоръжения свързани с гладиатура

II.2. Епиграфски данни за гладиаторски игри

ІІ.3. Нумизматични данни за гладиаторски игри

ІІ.4. Скулптурни изображения на гладиаторски игри








Кръв и зрелища. Спортни и гладиаторски игри в елинистическа и римска Тракия 


Publisher NOUS
Language Bulgairan with an extended summary in English
Pages 268
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-90387-9-8
Creation date 2009
Size 21 х 29 cm

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