Ivo Topalilov, Zlatomira Gerdzhikova (eds.). Creation of the Late Antique World in The Balkans: Proceedings of the Colloquium held in Sofia, November, 810, 2018 (Annales Balcanici 1)
Category: Late antiquity (history)Late antiquity (archaeology)
Language: English


Table of contents


A. Pülz. Studies in Late Antique Christianity in Southeastern Europe at the Austrian Academy of Sciences – A Short History of Research

V. Dintchev. Today’s Bulgarian Territory in Late Antiquity

A. Minchev. Early Christian Architecture In Bulgaria Twenty Years Later: I. Early Christian Churches And Monsateries Along The Black Sea Coast

I. Topalilov. On some issues related to the Christianisation of the topography of Late Antique Philippopolis, Thrace

M. Rakocija. The Degree of Research of Early Christianity in Niš

I. Gargano, D. Moreau. Some Remarks on The Christian Topography of Dacia Ripensis (Second Half of the 5th6th Century)

H. Çetinkaya. Recent Late Antiquity Researches in Turkey With the Scope of Bithynia

I. Valchev. The Destruction of Pagan Sanctuaries in Thrace and Dacia (According to Data from the Territory of Present-Day Bulgaria)

D. Iliev. Christianity and Paganism in The Epigrams of Palladas of Alexandria

S. Riboloff. “Wisdom Of God” in The Antiochian Theology


Publisher Tendril
Language English
Pages 312
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-91496-5-2
ISSN 2738-8736
Creation date 2021
Size 16 х 24 cm

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