The Horse, the Chariot and the Horseman. On the Interpretation of Images in Thracian Culture
Конят, колесницата и конникът. Към интерпретацията на образа в тракийската култура


Table of contents /summary/


First Chapter. The Chariot / The Cart in Thracian World

1. The Testimonies

1.1. Literary Sources

1.2. Images on Coins

1.3. Commercial Stamp

1.4. Stone Reliefs

1.5. Mural Paintings in Tombs

1.6. Tableware and Lekythoi

1.7. Jewellery and Appliques

1.8. Cart Models

1.9. Wagon Burials

The Images of Chariots

2. The Chariot / the Cart and its Roles in Thrace

2.1. The Chariots

2.1.1. The War Chariot

2.1.2. The Racing Chariot

2.2. The Carts

2.2.1. Two-wheeled Carts

2.2.2. Four-wheeled Carts

3. The Chariot in Thracian Imagery

3.1. The Profile View

3.1.1. The Full Profile View with Overlapping Team

3.1.2. The Full Profile View with Passing Team

3.2. The Frontal/ Full Face View Chariots

3.3. The Three-Quarters Perspective of Chariots

4. The Chariot as a Sign/ Symbol

4.1. The Chariots of Gods

4.1.1. The Chariot Temple

4.1.2. Nike as a Charioteer

4.1.3. The Miraculous Chariot

4.2. The King’s Chariot

4.3. The Chariot and Death

4.3.1. The Hearse

4.3.2. Models of Carts

4.3.3. The Chariots on Tombstones and in Burial Chambers

4.3.4. Chariots in Decoration of Burial Goods

5. The Chariot in the Thracian Ideal World

Second Chapter. The Horse in Thracian World

1. The Testimonies

1.1. Literary Sources

1.2. Images on Coins

1.3. Figures of Horses

1.4. On Tombstones and in Burial Chambers

1.5. Rhyta with Horse Protome

1.6. On Table Ware and Vessels

1.7. On Jewellery

1.8. On Horse Trappings

1.9. The Horse in Burial Context

1.10. The Horse in Sacred Precinct

The Images of Horses

2. The Thracian Horse

2.1. The Thracian Breed

2.2. The Domesticated Horse

3. The Horse in Thracian Imagery

4. The Horse and its Roles in Thrace

4.1. The Horse as a Gift

4.2. The Miraculous Horse

4.3. The Sacrificial Horse

4.4. The Horse and the Death

5. The Horse and his Leader

5.1. The Warrior and his Horse

5.2. The Hero with a Horse

5.3. A Groom with a Horse and their Master

5.4. A Man taming his Horse

5.5. The Funeral Feast / The Heroic Banquet

6. The Horse in Thracian world

6.1. The Horse in the Objective World

6.2. The Horse in the Ideal World

Third Chapter. The Horseman in Thracian World

1. The Testimonies

1.1. Literary Sources

1.2. Images on Coins

1.3. On Reliefs: Tombstones, Votives and Decorations

1.4. Statuary Figures

1.5. In the painted Interior of Tombs

1.6. On Table Ware and Vessels

1.7. On Golden Signet Rings

1.8. On Arms and Armour

1.9. On Horse Trappings

1.10. On Matrices

1.11. On a Bronze Plate

The Images of Horsemen

2. The Formal Dimensions of Artifacts

2.1. The Horseman and his Horse

2.1.1. The Horse Gait

2.1.2. The Horse Harness

2.1.3. Rider’s Costume and Equipment

2.2. The Horseman in Thracian Imagery

2.3. The Horseman in the Thracian Objective World

3. The Horseman and his Image Personifications

3.1. The Horseman in Battle

3.1.1. The Armed Horseman

3.1.2. The Horseman and his Antagonist

3.2. The Horseman Hunting

3.2.1. Boar Hunting

3.2.2. Deer Chasing

3.2.3. Bear Hunting

3.2.4. Lion Hunting

3.2.5. Rabbit Chasing

3.2.6. Hunting Compositions

3.3. The Rider of the Miraculous Horse

3.4. The Horseman in Ritual Composition

3.4.1. The Horseman with an Altar, a Tree with Snake, Adorants

3.4.2. The Horseman in Symposium

3.4.3. The Horseman with a Woman

3.4.4. The Horseman with a Bowl

4. The Social Roles of the Horseman

4.1. The Elite Thracian Horsemen: the Cavalry

4.2. Horse Racings

4.3. The Horseman as a Deity in Cult

4.4. The Horseman and the Death

5. The Thracian Horseman

5.1. The Thracian Spaces of the Horsemen

5.2. The Horsemen as Ancestors

5.3. The Anthropodaimon



List of Images

List of Ilustrations




Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 506
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-07-3667-9
Creation date 2014
Size 21 х 29 cm

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