Sboryanovo. Volume III: The Thracian City
City planning. Fortification system. Architecture

Totko Stoyanov (ed.). Language: EnglishBulgarian (bilingual)


Table of contents


Part one. Fortification System and City Planning

I.1. Investigations of the Fortification System (19861990, 1995)

I.2. Investigations of the Fortification System at the Plateau (the Citadel) (19911999, 20012006)

I.3. Southwestern Quarter

I.4. The Lowland Town

Part Two. Residential and Commercial Complexes. Architecture

II.1. The District of the Craftsmen (Central Excavation)

II.2. The Complex at the Western Fortification Wall

II.3. Eastern Trial Trench (Sector 15B)

II.4. Sector 16B

II.5. Clay Hearths and Altars

II.6. Roof Tiles

II.7. Trial Trenches and Field Surveys in and around the Fortified Section of the City

II.8. Southern Suburb

General Observations



Colour Illustrations

Сборяново. Том III. Тракийският град. ISBN 9789549297522

Publisher Historical Museum of Isperih
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 464
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-92975-2-2
Creation date 2015
Size 21 х 29 cm

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