Rescue archaeological investigations along the Gotse Delchev  Drama road 19981999
Спасителни археологически проучвания по пътя Гоце Делчев — Драма 19981999 г.
Language: English


Table of contents


I. A history of the archaeological exploration at Koprivlen

II. The Middle Mesta region

II.1. The Middle Mesta region in Antiquity

II.2. The Middle Mesta region in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

II.3. Koprivlen and the Middle Mesta valley in Modem Times

II.4. An Archaeological overview of the Middle Mesta Region

II 4.1. The Prehistoric and Thracian Periods

II.4.2. The Roman Imperial Period, Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

II.5. The ancient road network in the Middle Mesta region

III. The Late Bronze Age settlement at Koprivlen

IV. The 1st Millenium B.C. Thracian settlement at Koprivlen

IV.1. Stratigraphic observations on the 1st Millenium B.C. settlement

IV.2. The archaeological structures

IV.3. The pit sanctuary

IV.4. The finds from the Thracian settlement

IV.4.1. Hand-made pottery of the Early Iron Age

IV.4.2. Pottery with geometric decoration and related wares

IV.4.3. Monochrome Slipped Ware

IV.4.4. Black-Glazed Ware

IV.4.5. Plain Table Ware

IV.4.6. Pithoi

IV.4.7. Strainers

IV.4.8. Loom-Weights and Spindle-Whorls

IV.4.9. Construction Ceramics

IV.4.10. Bronze Ornaments of the Early Iron Age

IV.4.11. Metal Ornaments of the Late Iron Age and the Early Roman Imperial Period

IV.4.12. Varia

V. The Late Antique and Medieval Necropolis at Koprivlen

VI. The coin finds from Koprivlen

VI.1. Early Coins

VI.2. Hellenistic and Early Roman Coins

VI.3. Roman and Byzantine Coins

VII. Interdisciplinary investigations

VII.1. Geophysical Prospecting

VII.2. Archaeobotanical Investigation

VII.3. Anthropological Study of Postcranial Skeletons from the Necropolis at Koprivlen

VII.4. Chemical Analyses of Metal Slags

VIII. A historical commentary of the settlement at Koprivlen




Копривлен, Спасителни археологически проучвания

Publisher NOUS
Language English
Pages 460
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-90387-6-9
Creation date 2002
Size 21 х 29 cm

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