Group and individual tragedies in Roman Europe: The evidence of hoards, epigraphic and literary sources (Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology. Monographic Series 1)
Language: Engish, Italian


Table of contents

M. Rotaru. The Roman hoard from Turda (Potaissa III)

M. Asolati. Il lascito del cardinale. Un ripostiglio di antoniniani dall’Italia Setentrionale (?)

S. Bitrak, P. Josifovski. Hoard of Roman silver coins from the Roman forum in Stobi

R. Bland. Coin hoards in the Roman Empire: A long-range perspective. Some preliminary observations

A. Bursche. A unique aureus of Faustina II with the legend Mater castrorum from a Late Roman area of hoards in the Southern Baltic region

A. Cattaneo. Recognizing hoards in collections: A possible 3rd century hoard from the Strolin collection in Chio (VI)

D. Martínez. Hispanic hoards from Alvarelhos to Tomares: A historical review

R. Ciołek. A forgotten hoard of antoninianii from Piła (Poland): Large volume, little value

A. Dymowski. Roman imperial hoards of denarii from the European Barbaricum

C. Găzdac. A hoard for Charon? The Roman Imperial hoard from Desa (Dolj county, Romania)

J. Goldman. Patterns of silver hoarding in Middle Roman Palestine: AD 73300

J. van Heesch. Coin hoards as evidence of tragedies: Some general remarks on the North of Gaul (3rd century AD)

O. Hekster. Hadrian and the limits to power

B. Hellings. Financing Germanic military campaigns with eastern denarii

L. Juhász. Additional data on the gold hoard from Víziváros

S. Marin, E. Petac. The Roman Imperial hoard of sestertii found in Dobruja passim, ante 2016

L. Munteanu, S. Honcu. Some remarks on the chronology of denarii hoards from the Eastern Carpathian Barbaricum

K. Myzgin, D. Dymowski. A new Roman Imperial denarius hoard with barbarian imitation from Ukraine: The Skypche hoard

M. Puglisi. An overview on hoarding in Roman Sicily and the evidence of a new imperial hoard from Tyndaris

S. Purece. Riots in South Carpathian Dacia after the Marcomannic wars?

L. Štajer. Historical research through coin hoards

A. Stella. Constantine the Great and Aquileia: A new hoard evidence

F. Stroobants. The use of coinage for large payments at Roman Sagalassos (SW Anatolia): Combining evidence from historical sources, coin finds and regional hoards

G. Talmațchi. About some monetary finds in funerary context from Moesia Inferior

M. Torbágyi. A gold hoard from Savaria

V. Varbanov. Small coin hoards like evidence for unrest: The case of Philippopolis, Roman province of Thrace

R. Varga. Networks and ties: The economical power holders of Alburnus Maior

M. Vojvoda. Roman coin hoards of the 3rd century AD found on the territory of present-day Serbia (Moesia Superior, Dalmatia, Pannonia Inferior): Reasons for their burial


Publisher Editura Mega
Language Engish, Italian
Pages 554
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-606-020-131-1
Creation date 2020
Size 21 x 29 cm

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