Proceedings of the 6th National Conference Popovo  Past and Future“, 1920 October 2009, Popovo, Bulgaria. Part 1: Archaeolgy and Old History. In Bulgarian with summaries in English.


Table of contents /summaries/

D. Chernakov. Ceramic Figurines from Museum of History  Popovo

S. Stanev. Early Chalcolithic Settlements in the Basin of Cherni Lom River (On the Territory of Popovo and Opaka Municipalities

G. Georgiev, G. Delchev. The Lands in the East of Yantra River during the Second Half of the First Millenium BC

N. Rusev, D. Stoyanova. Domed Tomb from the Village of Gagovo, Popovo Municipality (Preliminary Report)

T. Stoyanov. The Newly Discovered Tomb near the Village of Gagovo, Popovo Region in the Context of Political and Cultural Development of Northeastern Thrace (5th3rd Century BC)

O. Alexandrov. Ancient Dial (?) from Sadina, Popovo District

D. Dragoev. A Hoard of Roman Provincial Bronze Coins from the Fund of the Rousse Regional Museum of History

B. Ivanova. Building Materials and Building Techniques in the Roman vicus near Gorsko Ablanovo, Opaka Municipality

V. Varbanov. Coins from the Excavations of the Roman vicus near Gorsko Ablanovo, Targovishte District

S. Torbatov. Archaeological Excavations of Tumular Necropolis No 1 near Gorsko Ablanovo in 20082009

M. Ivanov. The Nimbus in Some Images of the Thracian Rider within the Context of Ancient Art

L. Ninov, J. Ivanova. Morphometric and Statistic Animal Analyses from the Roman Fortress of Kovachevsko Kale


Попово – минало и бъдеще. Част 1 

Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 344
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-400-689-1
Creation date 2012
Size 16 х 24 cm

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