Orbis Romanus and Barbaricum: The Barbarians around the Province of Dacia and Their Relations with the Roman Empire (Patrimonium Archaeologicum Transylvanicum Series, Volume 14). Collected papers.


Table of contents

F. Popescu, O. Ţentea. The Eastern frontier of Dacia. A Gazetteer of the forts and units

C. Opreanu, C. Găzdac. Deceiving the Barbarians? A Roman golden forgery from a frontier marketplace at Porolissum (Romania) and its archaeological context

S. Cociș, G. Bounegru. Again on the Barbarian brooches from Roman Dacia

H. Cociș. Linear fortifications on the North–Western frontier of Dacia Porolissensis. An overview

D. Matei. The Dacian groups of population and the abandoned castra in the (former) territory of the province(s) of Dacia

I. Opriș, A. Rațiu. Roman customs station from CapidavaStatio for publicum portorii Illyrici in the 2nd century AD and a hypothetical model for interactions with Barbaricum in the 4th century AD

M. Ardeleanu. Roman imports from North-Western Romania. Statistic view and historical notes

R. Gindele. The Barbarian settlement at Tășnad-Sere (Satu Mare County). The rescue excavations of 2015

S. Bulzan, C. Filip. Stamped Pottery discovered in the Roman Period settlement from Margine, Bihor county

G. Hânceanu. Roman imports in the settlement of the Free Dacians at Roşiori (Neamţ county)

A. Popa. Roman amphorae beyond the frontiers of the Roman provinces of Dacia and Moesia Inferior

C. Croitoru. On the lamps discovered in the East-Carpathian Barbaricum

V. Bârcă. Disc brooches of box/capsule type (Dosenfibel/Kapselfibel) in the Sarmatian environment of the Great Hungarian Plain. A few notes on their dating and origin

L. Grumeza, A. Ursuțiu. The Sarmatian cemetery from Nădlac 3M North

C. Radu. Anthropological analyses of the skeletons discovered in the Sarmatian cemetery Nădlac 3M North

E. Gáll, N. Kapcsos, T. Isvoranu, A. Iván. From absolutization to relativization: The hoard from Valea-Strâmbă (Hu: Tekerőpatak)-Kápolnaoldal revisited

F. Fodorean. Beyond the Roman World. Aspects concerning the geographical knowledge outside the frontiers: The extreme East and India in the Peutinger map

R. Mason. An amateur archaeologist at Athanaric’s Wall: James Berry in Tecuci (1917)

Publisher Editura Mega
Language English
Pages 366
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-606-543-755-5
Creation date 2016
Size 21 x 29 cm

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