Megalithic Monuments and Cult Practices: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium Blagoevgrad, 1215 October 2016. Language: English, French


Table of contents

V. Fol, O. Konstantinov. Megalithic Monuments in Sarnena Gora, Brezovo Municipality

C. Ruck. Mushrooms and the Wine of Maron

G. Tsetskhladze. Rock Cut Monuments and Megaliths in the Context of Thraco-Phrygian Migration

R. Kostov. Geological Setting and Mineralogical Variability of Prehistoric Artifacts in Megalithic Europe: Comparison between the Carnac Area in France and the Black Sea Area (Including Sakar) in Bulgaria

P. Maglova, A. Stoev, M. Spasova, B. Benev. Eneolithic Projection System for Astronomical Observations on the Territory of Megalithic Sanctuary near the Village of Kovil (Municipality of Krumovgrad, Kurdzhali District)

K. Rao, V. Ramabrahmam. Cult of the Dead: Evidence from the South Indian Megaliths

V. Markov. Monumental Rock Images in the Megalithic Sanctuaries on the Balkans

V. Lozanova-Stantcheva. Mystery of Creation: On the Interpretation of an Orphic Cup

N. Bogomilova. Sacred in Cultural History: Naturalization and Personification

Z. Kalhoro. Megalithic Monuments in Karachi, Sindh (Pakistan)

A. Carvalho. On Mounds and Mountains. Megalithic Behaviours in Bom Santo Cave, Montejunto Mountain Range (Lisbon, Portugal)

A. Portalski. Euboea Island and the Transformation of the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age: Politics and Religious Objects

N. Petkova. Megalithic Sanctuary Pastolov Kamak to Strelcha: Structure and Possible Interpretations

M. Konstantinov. Discovery of a New Type of Megalith in Sredna Gora Mountain, Bulgaria

K. Peristeri. Les fouilles récentes du tumulus Kastas et le lion d'Amphipolis (20122014)

M. Grębska-Kulow, B. Whitford. Objects of Everyday Life and their Ritual Dimension from Prehistoric Settlements in the Struma Valley

Z. Erdem. The Cult Places in the Northern Proponis and the Gallipoli Peninsula (Thracian Chersonese) of Turkish Thrace

C. Marangou. On-going research at Myrina Kastro, Lemnos Island: Current matters and points at issue

S. Kiotsekoglou. Τhe “Mητρῶο” of the Acropolis St. George in the Village Petrota of Rhodope

M. Spegis, M. Papageorgiou, G. Gousgounis. Pyramids in Greece

I. Hristov. The “hidden” megaliths in Central Sredna Gora Mountain A look at the rock sanctuarie: Sub-mound temples relationship in the area of Starosel, Hisarya Municipality

A. Gotsev, V. Katzarov, S. Staneva. Some Problems Connected with the Study of Megalithic Complexes. The Skumsale case II

H. Valchanova. Cave Sanctuary Haramiyska Dupka in the Rhodope Mountains

D. Diana, S. Lucica. New Considerations Concerning the Findings in BrasovBlumăna: Field of Pits or Necropolis?

Y. Dinchev. Front Plates and Openings of Thracian Dolmens: Typology and Analysis

N. Sulava. Gravierte ”fantastische” Tierbilder auf der kolchischen Axt

E. Holmberg. Dionysian Cult and Initiation into Altered States of Consciousness

D. Abram. Terebinth and Transgression: A Fresh Look at the Ancient Akedah

A. Yankov. The Ancient Cult of the Stone: The Mushroom Megalith from Dzhuvantzi

D. Spasova. Ethnographic Research on the Continuous Use of Ancient Unorthodox Religious Centers

G. Mishev. The Stone: Faith and Beliefs from Bratsigovo

A. Genov. Megalithic and Rock-Cut Monuments as Ritual Structures Related to Notions of Life and Death and Belief in Eternal Life and Rebirth

K. Maritsas. Ancient Ritual Places and Pornography

E. Pásztor. The Role of Natural Light in the Life of Prehistoric People

L. Tsonev. Menhirs in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula

K. Andonov, M. Blagoev, R. Kostov. Laser 3D scanning of rock-cut niches at the Shan Kaya site in the Eastern Rhodopes with notes on their morphology

A. Stoev, P. Stoeva, P. Getsov, G. Mardirosyan. Integrated Geo-information System (GIS) and Megalithic Monuments Databases: Quantity and Quality of the Parameters

A. Stoev, P. Stoeva, G. Mardirosyan, M. Spasova, B. Benev. Geology, Geomorphology and Geophysical Fields in the Region of Rock-cut Monuments and Megaliths in Bulgaria

L. Marsadolov. Great Salbyk Barrow: Biggest of the Megalithic Monument in Siberia

S. Rothwangl. The Scythian Dionysius Exiguus and His Invention of Anno Domini

M. Ivanov, B. Whitford, G. Manolev. Some Examples of Rock-Cut Structures in Southwestern Bulgaria

E. Koev. Sun God and Mother Goddess Sanctuary near the Danube River

A. Gasparetto. Re-Signification of Thracian Cultural Elements in Culture Contact and Identity Building Processes

M. Spasova, P. Stoeva, S. Dimitrova, A. Stoev. Megalithic Culture as a Phenomenon of Cultural Tourism in Bulgaria

P. Kirilova. At the Heart of the Sredna Gora Mountain. Lilac Sanctuary with Megalithic Stele: An Example for Promoting the Megalithic Cultural Heritage


Publisher University Publishing House "Neofit Rilski"
Language English, French
Pages 458
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-00-0094-7
Creation date 2016
Size 16 х 24 cm

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