Jupiter on your side: Gods and Humans in Antiquity in the Lower Danube area. Accompanying publication for the thematic exhibitions in Bucharest, Alba Iulia and Constanta, May  September 2013
Category: Roman archaeology
Language: English, French


Table of contents



D. Spanu. Pre-Roman divinities in Dacia: Appearances and identities

I. Birzescu. The cosmos of Greek sanctuaries on the shores of the Black Sea before the Roman conquest

I. Lazarenko, E. Mircheva et al. The Dionysopolis temple of the Great Pontic Mother of Gods

Z. Covacef. Temples from Tomis

V. Varbanov. Roman sanctuary in Sexaginta Prista

R. Ota. Remarks on the stone statues of Jupiter in Dacia

G. Bauchhenß. Nemeseis statuettes and a votive aedicula from Tomi/Constanta

F. Panait. Deities on the coins of Histria, Tomis and Callatis

R. Ciobanu. Les couleurs des statues de l’Antiquite  quelques considerations prelimiaires sur les pieces decouvertes a Apulum

A. Catinas. Stone carving workshops in Potaissa

Z. Covacef. Sculpture workshop at Tomis

A. Penaite. Protective deities of Roman roads

S. Nemeti. Magical practice in Dacia and Moesia Inferior

R. Ciobenu. Les Dieux Vents iconographie et symboles a partir d’une mosaique d’Apulum

M. Margineanu. Migrated Roman lithic fragments in the vicinity of the capital of Roman Dacia

S. Maritiu. Creating identities: Roman antiquities in modern Romanian numismatics (18771989)






Publisher Vasile Pârvan Institute of Archaeology
Language English, French
Pages 296
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-973-0-15140-4
Creation date 2013
Size 25 х 29 cm

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