Ex Nummis Lux: Studies in Ancient Numismatics in Honour of Dimitar Draganov


Table of contents


U. Kampmann. For my Bulgarian friend Dimitar Draganov

O. Picard. Thasos et les Thraces: Une vue d’ensemble

V. Grigorova-Gencheva, I. Prokopov. New hoards with small denomination coins of the island of Thasos (6th5th century BC): Context, interpretation and dating

G. Talmaţchi. About the chronology of monetary signs based on the last results of the Dobrudjan archaeological researches

E. Paunov. The tetradrachm coinage of Apollonia Pontica: Iconography, issues and magistrates

H. Ivanova. Three deposits of Apollonian silver and their historical embedment

B. Ruseva. The Seleucid bronze coins from “emporion Pistiros”

M. Manov. The earliest bronze coins of the king Kavaros

M. Mielszarek. Leucon II, king of Bosporus, Polyaenus and pseudo-Aristoteles

E. Petac, A. Vîlcu. “Tomis” or Asia Minor? About the Alexander the Great type tetradrachms Price 12111213

G. Terzian. Black Sea tetradrachms with grape bunch symbol: A supplement to Price

F. de Callataÿ. Overstrikes of late Mesambrian Alexanders: The great unbalance of their distribution and what they tell us about the logic behind

I. Lazarenko. Lead weights of Lysimacheia from Southeastern Bulgaria

A. Vîlcu, E. Nicolae. Nouvelles données sur la penetration des monnaies grecques en Bessarabie aux IVe-Ie siècles av. J.C.  

C. Marinescu. The Lysimachi coinage of Cius, Bithynia

D. Lenger. Not Thymbra in Troad but Thyessos in Lydia

P. Delev. Cotys son of Seuthes

R. Martini. Countermarks with “god standing” and “spiked helmet” types struck in Sicily on Rome-minted Augustan sesterces from the Moesia-Thrace region: New evidence of legionary movements in Julian-Claudian times

D. Calomino. The coinage of Dionysopolis and the system of coin production in Moesia Inferior at the end of the Severan age

K. Butcher. Arbitrary standards on the co-called four-and-a-half assaria coins from Tomis, and value marks on coins of Moesia and Thrace

M. Amandry. Térée et Procné représentés sur le monnayage de Bizye?

Y. Stoyas. Where swallows fear to tread: Kapaneus teichomaches on coins of Bizye

L. Grozdanova. “Caracalla or Elagabalus?” again  the case of Pautalia

U. Peter. Der Senatskaiser Pupienus in Thrakien? Zu einem Medaillon aus Perinth

D. Boteva. Gordian III and Philip II on coin observes with two face-to-face busts depicting Sarapis/Theos Megas

A. Cavagna. Le monete Provincia Dacia del III anno

C. Găzdac. Memoria sociale e statuto. Monete romane in tombe medievale del necropoli da Noşlac, Romania

R. Ardevan. A preliminary presentation of the late Roman coin hoard of Radimna (4th century AD)

D. Macdonald. Ancient weight alterations of silver and gold coins

H. Komnick. Anmerkungen zur Goldquinarprägung der valerianischen Zeit

W. Leschhorn. Die Beamtennamen auf den Münzen Thrakiens in vorrömischer Zeit

K. Dahmen. King in a small world: Depiction of Alexander the Great on his shields and armour

J. Tzvetkova. Jewellery on Greek coins from Thrace

M. Molianri, V. Piva. A collection of coins from the Northern Black Sea in the Capitoline Coin Cabinet

S. Kovalenko. Vasilii Rozanov’s collection of ancient coins

E. Stolyarnik. Historiography of the ancient Scythian kingdom of Scythia Minor

Y. Hourmouziadis. Crimean Peninsula and the Cimmerian Bosporus: 2500 years of history and numismatics

Selected bibliography of the writings of Prof. Dr. Dimitar Draganov


Publisher Bobokov Bros. Foundation
Language English. French, German, Italian
Pages 480
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9460-07-0
Creation date 2017
Size 21 x 29 cm

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