The Roman villa in Chatalka site: The wealth of a Thracian aristocrat. Catalogue of the exhibition, May 22nd  September 10th, 2015 Sofia, National Museum of Archaeology
Римската вила при Чаталка. Богатството на един тракийски аристократ
Language: English, Bulgarian (bilingual)
Category: Roman archaeology


The catalogue includes valuable artifacts found in Roshava Dragana tumulus, where some of the family members who possessed the estate were buried, as well as items from other tumuli of the necropolis of the villa rustica, built in the 1st c. AD in Chatalka site, close to the city of Stara ZagoraProtective and offensive weapons, a rare bronze helmet mask among them, refer the owners to the local military aristocracy. The gold jewellery and breastplates found in graves of a man and a woman, and the gold wreaths confirm their high social status. Luxury items imported from the East and Italy, parts of the furniture, such as candelabrum with an image of herma with faces of two youths, balsam-containers and perfume vessels reflect their exquisite lifestyle.


Table of contents 

V. Dinchev. Roman villas in the modern Bulgarian territory

P. Andreeva. The Roman villa in Chatalka site. The dwelling house of the villa

Kr. Karadimova. Farm buildings of the villa (pars rustica)


The owner of the villa  member of the local military aristocracy

The exquisite lifestyle

Engagements of women and men

Sources of wealth

Protective Deities

Luxury vessels from Stara Zagora region


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Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English-Bulgarian (bilingual)
Pages 88
Illustrations color photographs
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-9472-39-4
Creation date 2015
Size 17 х 24 cm

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