Metal Vases and Utensils in the Vassil Bojkov Collection. Volume II: Thracian, Achaemenid, Greek and Hellenistic
Language: English. Category: Toreutics


   The second volume of the series Metal Vases and Utensils in the Vassil Bojkov Collection comprises 152 entries of vases and utensils issued from the Thracian, Achaemenid, Greek and Hellenistic cultural domains, 105 of which have never been published previously. They are illustrated by 403 colour pictures and 195 drawings, complemented by 193 b/w pictures of parallels in other museums and collections. The time-span covered in this volume extends from the 11th to the 1st centuries BC. The volume comprises as well an extensive bibliography, three indexes, various lists and a map. It includes several unique or very rare pieces, such as a prehistoric gold kantharos, gold and silver phialae, several vases bearing dedicatory and other inscriptions, a new silver kantharos with figurative scenes, a bronze calyx crater, several silver rhyta with some outstanding exemplars decorated with a silenus figure and caracal protomes, as well as a unique silver plate with the representation of Aphrodite's birth from the ocean.


Table of contents



Early Balkan and Thracian: Late Bronze Age to the 5th Century BC

Thracian: 4th Century BC

Phrygian, Lydian And Achaemenid: 6th to 4th Centuries BC

Greek Archaic: 7th and 6th Centuries BC

Greek Classical: 5th Century BC

Greek Classical: 4th Century BC

Early Hellenistic: Late 4th and 3rd Centuries BC

Late Hellenistic: 2nd and Early 1st Centuries BC

Addenda & Corrigenda




Ancient Authors

Standard Reference Works

Auctions and Art Market Catalogues

Other Cited Bibliography

Indexes & Lists

Personal Names

Place Names

General Index

List of Inscriptions

List of Depicted Parallels

Concordance List


Publisher Thrace Foundation
Language English
Pages 428
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-92384-8-8
Creation date 2021
Size 21 x 29 cm

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