Ardjanliev, Pero, Krastyu Chukalev et al. (eds.). 100 years of Trebenishte: Collected papers
Category: Archaeology of the Ist Millennium B.C.; Toreutics
Language: English


    The luxury edition is devoted to an exhibition in Northern Macedonia that commemorates the 100thanniversary of discovery the spectacular Late Archaic necropolis of Trebenishte. The artifacts were divided between Bulgaria, Serbia and Northern Macedonia and now, for the first time, the items are gathered together and presented as a whole complex.


Table of contents


Trebenishte: Inspiration and mystery

From the editors

History of research

K. Chukalev. Discovery of the necropolis at Trebenishte and history of the first archaeological investigation

V. Krstić. Grave VIII:  The tomb of beautiful antiquities

T. Vidovska. History of archaeological excavations of the necropolis of Trebenishte in 19531954 and 1972

The finds

P. Kuzman, P. Ardjanliev. Gold funerary masks and hands from Trebenishte and Ohrid

P. Penkova, P. Ilieva. Preparing the body for the transition beyond: Masks, glove, pectoral and sandal and the process of their making

M. Tonkova. Silver and gold jewellery from the Late Archaic princely graves IVIII at Trebenishte

Y. Mutafchieva. The bronze vases from Trebenishte

R. Stoychev, P. Penkova. The bronze phialai from the necropolis of Trebenishte: A stylistic and technological approach

R. Vasić. Arms in Trebenishte

A. Palavestra. Amber in Trebenishte

M. Chacheva, S. Vasileva. Faience and glass items from Trebenishte

G. Sanev. Luxury pottery imports in Trebenishte necropolis

S. Blazhevska. Characteristics of the local pottery from Trebenishte

Trebenishte and the region

N. Proeva. The region of Ohrid and Struga in the 6th5th c. BC: Area, population, ethnicity

P. Delev. About the ethnic attribution of the Trebenishte graves

P. Ardjanliev, M. Verčík. Reconstruction of the habitation in the Ohrid region during the Iron Age and the Archaic Period

A. Papazovska, D. Heilmann. Burial customs in the Iron Age and the Late Archaic Period in the Ohrid region

S. Babić, A. Palavestra. Trebenishte and the princely graves of the European Early Iron Age

A. Bozhkova. The Central Balkan region and the North Aegean coast in the Late Archaic and Early Classical Periods: The pottery evidence

H. Popov. Trebenishte: Elites, luxury and resources

P. Kuzman. Gorna Porta (Ohrid)  Trebenishte: Connections



Contributors, sponsors and museums


Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English
Pages 524
Illustrations color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9472-70-7
Creation date 2018
Size 21 x 29 cm

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