Sexaginta Prista: The Thracian pit complex. Volume I. 

Authors: Atanas Kamenarov, Varbin Varbanov, Deyan Dragoev, Dimitar Chernakov, Kalin Madzharov, Lazar Ninov, Miglena Vasileva, Nikola Rusev, Rumyana Yordanova, Svetlana Velikova, Svetlana Todorova, Stoyan Yordanov, Tsvetana Popova. 


Table of contents


І. Sexaginta Prista  Short General Geographical and Topographic-Geodesic Characteristics

ІІ. The Archaeological and Historical Situation of the Danube Riverbank Around Rousse in the Light of Some Historical Sources

ІІІ. The Thracian Pit Complex in Rousse  Composite Elements, Interpretation and Chronology

ІІІ. I. Catalogue of the Structures

IV. Archaeological Finds

IV. І. Items of metal

IV. I. 1. The Numismatic Material from the Pit Complex in Rousse

IV. I. 2. Late Hellenistic Coin Hoard from Rousse

IV. I. 3. Fibulae of the Hellenistic Period from the Pit Complex in Rousse

IV. I. 4. Roman and Late Antiquity Fibulae from Sexaginta Prista

ІV. І. 5. Other Items of Metal

IV. ІІ. Items of stone

IV. ІІІ. Items of Bone from Sexaginta Prista

ІV. ІV. Items of glass

ІV. V. Items of Clay

ІV. V. 1. Ceramic Vessel from Pit № 73

ІV. V. 2. Amphorae Stamps from the Pit Complex in Rousse

ІV. V. 3. Anepigraphic Amphorae Stamps

ІV. V. 4. Spindle Whirls, Loom Weights and Pierced Ceramic Circles from Sexaginta Prista

ІV. V. 5. Other Items of Clay

ІV. V. 6. Pottery from the Thracian Pit Complex in Rousse

V. Interdisciplinary Research

V. I. Archaeozoological Research of Materials from Sexaginta Prista

V. II. Analysis of the Vegetation Remains from the Site of Sexaginta Prista


Sexaginta Prista. Тракийски ямен комплекс. Том 1

Publisher Rousse Regional Museum of History
Language Bulgarian with extended summaries in English
Pages 304
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8483-23-0
Creation date 2013
Size 21 х 29 cm

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