Table of contents /summary/


І. The Ad radices roman roadside station

II. Settlements and necropoleis in the region of the roadside station

ІІІ. Late Antiquity turris in the locality of Shamaka

ІV. Peculiarities of the roman road to Philippopolis in Haemus Mt. road forks from Ad radices in the southeast and west in the mountain

V. A roadside construction along the bed of the military road. The segment Sostra-Ad radices; Ad radices Montemno

1. A Thracian settlement and a Roman tower (burgus) in the locality of Lukaritsa, the town of Trojan

2. Roman buildings and constructions in the segment Ad radices Montemno

3. A Roman tower (Turris) in the southern area of the tourist campus of Beklemeto (1344,9m above sea level)

4. A barrage wall (clausura) and a ditch in the locality of Markovi Porti

5. A barrage wall (clausura) in the locality of Pryakopite

VІ. Conclusion



Ad radices. Римска крайпътна станция на пътя Ескус – Филипополис

Publisher Unicart
Language Bulgarian with extensive summary in English
Pages 96
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-2953-15-9
Creation date 2012
Size 17 х 24 cm

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