Thracian, Greek, Roman and Medieval Cities, Residences and Fortresses in Bulgaria
Тракийски, гръцки, римски и средновековни градове и крепости в България

Language: English


     The book reveals the results of the studies of twleve archaeological sites, and the chronological span of the survey is almost twenty centuries of the history of Modern Bulgaria.


Table of contents


I. Hristov. Kozi Gramadi

J. Emilov, V. Voeva. MezekNeutzikon

I. Karayotov. Anchialos / Anchialus

V. Dinchev. Ratiaria

R. Ivanov, K. Luka. Montana

I. Hristov. Sostra

S. Petrova, V. Petkov. Παροικοπολις / Παρθικοπολις

G. Atanasov. Durostorum  Dorostol(os)  Drastar  Dristra  Silistra

V. Barakov. Sevlievo

V. Voeva. Bukelon

V. Barakov. Bdin



Publisher Ratiaria Semper Floreat
Language English
Pages 670
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-90503-0-9
ISSN 2367-4903
Creation date 2015
Size 21 х 29 cm

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