A Thracian Ruler's Residence near the Village of Sinemorets: Volume I
Тракийски владетелски дом край село Синеморец. Том  I 
Category: Thracian settlementsThracian coinage
Language: BulgarianEnglish (bilingual)


   The book presents the results of archaeological researches of an important Late Hellenistic site along the southwestern Black Sea coast. One of the accents in the study is on the fortification system, characteristics and periodization of the site. The second part of the volume is dedicated to the comprehensive analysis of the silver hoard of 199 tetradrachms minted in Odessos (2 Alexanders), Mesambria (3 Alexanders) and Kyzikos (1 stephanophoros). The rest of the coins have been issued by the Bithynian kings (14 tetradrachms) and Byzanthium (143 tetradrachms of Lysimachos type). The hoard contains aslo 36 tetradrachms of one of the most mysterious Thracian kings, Mostis, who ruled in the second half of 2nd  beginning of 1st century BC  a dark and still almost unstudied periods of Thracian history. The volume also features a detailed presentation and analysis of the bronze coins of the Hellenistic period discovered in the process of investigation of the site.


Table of contents


Chapter 1. Archaeological Research of Golata Niva Site near the Village of Sinemorets

Trench Excavations in 2007

The Tower

Approach to the Tower

The surrounding Wall

The Surrounding Wall East of the Tower

The Surrounding Wall West of the Tower

Northeastern Surrounding Wall


Silver Coin Hoard Discovery Circumstances

Bronze Coins Discovery Circumstances

Chapter 2. The Coin Hoard from Sinemorets

Odessos Coins

Mesambria Coins

Coins of Mostis

Bibliographic Review


Coin Diees

Coins of Byzantium  Lysimachus Types

Coins of the Bithynian Kingdom

Coin of Cyzicus


Chapter 3. Brozne Coins from the Thracian Ruler’s Residence by Sinemorets

Apollonia Coin

Coin of Kotys? (c. 105/10087 BC)

Coin of Mostis (10085 BC)

Chapter 4. Characteristics and Periodization of the site at Golata Niva Locality near Sinemorets

Site characteristics

Architectural and Building Solutions


Site Stratigraphy and Chronology

Who Was the Owner of the Residence near Sinemorets?

Bibliography and Abbreviations

Тракийски владетелски дом край село Синеморец. Том  I 

Publisher Avalon
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 224
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9704-35-8
Creation date 2016
Size 21 х 29 cm

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