In honorem X Congressus studiorum thracicorum Graecia 2005

In honour of 10th Congress of Thracology, Greece 2005


Table of contents

K. Jordanov. Les plus anciennes maisons dynastiques thraces

K. Porozhanov. Salamidessos an Orphikos and Aceinos Part of Thracia Pontica

A. Portalsky. Salmydessos reconsidered

A. Stoev. Topographic Data About the Remains of Fortress Equipment of the Ancient Salmydessos

D. Popov. Zbelsourdos

P. Dimitrov. The Thracians and Their Neighbors

V. Fol. Heroons-Tombs-Sanctuaries

M. Vassileva. A Few Notes on Phrygian and Thracian Script and Literacy

D. Mitrevski. The Begining of the Iron Age in Macedonia

P. Delev. Stratifying Herodotus: Local Tribes between the Lower Axios and the Nestos

M. Avramova. Magic Axes Votive Objects and/or Amulets

K. Dimitrov. Imitations of Greek Coins in the Getic State with Capital Helis? in "Sboryanovo" during the Early Hellenistic Age

S. Janakieva. Les témoignages des auteurs antiques de "Sacrifices" de Veuves en Thrace

D. Kotova. Für den Ehemann leben und sterben: Antike Berichte über ritualisierte. Witwentötung in Thrakien

V. Lozanova. Tereus über das tragische

Z. Gočeva. Über manche Probleme in der ikonographie des Thrakischen Reiters

S. Lozanova. Archetypes of the Motive "Caryatid", "Atlantes" in the Material Culture in the Ancient Times

D. Boteva. "Combat against a lion" on the Votive Plaques of the Thracian Rider (a Database Analysis)

N. Sharankov, S. Cherneva-Tilkiyan. Heros Spartokos

S. Kirov. L’image des Thraces à Rome du Ile s. av. au III e. s. ap J.-C.

N. Sivkov. Hermes and the Thracians’ Notion of Cosmic Time

I. Topalilov. Ulpia Nicopolis ad Istrum

M. Čičikova. Thrakische Beiträge zur Architektur und Dekoration des königlichen Grabmals mit Karyatiden aus Sveštari

D. Zheleva-Martins, Y. Furkov. The Regular Geometric Grid of Towns

P. Valev. Der Parthenon. Ideen und Realisierung

R. Bazaytova. The Thracian Contribution in the Ancient Architecture

Publisher Institute of Balkan Studies and Centre of Tracology (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Language German, English, French
Pages 322
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0204-9872
Creation date 2005
Size 16 x 24 cm

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