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In honorem Alexandri Fol

Tabula gratulatoria

V. Fol. List of Publications by Prof. Alexander Fol

J. Lichardus, M. Lichardus-Itten. Nordpontische Beziehungen während der frühen Vorgeschichte Bulgariens

V. Nikolov. Notes on the Periodization and Chronology of the Neolithic in Thrace

A. Peykov. Two Zoomorphic Figurines from the Early Neolithic Settlement in the Town of Kurdjali in Southern Bulgaria

K. Kănčev. On the Methodology of the Study of Tell Sites

M. Avramova. Etude sur in theme prehistorique

L. Nikolova. Early Bronze Age Settlement near the Village of Dabene in Thrace

S. Ignatov. Dardanians, Moesians and Phrygians in the Qadesh Inscriptions of Ramses II

K. Porozhanov. LA guerre de Troie, les troyens et leurs allies dans l’Iliade

M. Lazarov. Le Pont Euxin zone de contact entre l’orient et l’occident

M. Čičikova. La civilization Thrace dans les regions pontiques avant la colonization Gresque

M. Petrescu-Dîmboviţa. Des perishyrions en bronze de l’Hallstat ancient de l’espace Carpato-Danubien

I. Venedikov. Thracian Pectorals and the Bible

P. Dimitrov. The Ancient Balkan Languages: the Problems of the Structure of the Root

S. Janakieva. Le mythe de Cadmos et l’aire ethnolinguistique paleobalkanique

T. Lazova. Narrativs about the Hyperboreans in the Ancient Literary Tradition. Problems of the Thracian Source Analysis

S. Choureshki. An Observation on the Getic-Schythian Ethnic and Cultural Interactions in the 8th-5th Century BC: Contact in Motion

D. Mitrevski. On the Hellenization Process of the Iron Age Culture in Macedonia or on the Early Contacts between Macedonia and the Aegean Region

L. Konov. The Necropolis from Trebenište Studies and Problems

R. Hachmann. Männer und Frauentracht in Thrakien

G. Kossack. Blitzblume, Gorgoneion und Heilige Lanze. Ikonographisches zu figuralen Blecharbeiten der Thraker und Illyrer

Z. Gočeva. Les Temoignages sur la croynace en l’immortalite des thraces chez Herodote et Pomponius Mela

D. Popov. Fleches vers le ciel fleches vers la mer (sur la problématique du système rituel des Thraces)

M. Vassileva. Paredroi or Once Again on the Phrygian Rock Thrones

K. Boschnakov. Der Feldzug der Odrysensbasileus Sitalkes in dem Thukydidischen Codex Palat. GR. 252 (E)

D. Agre. On the Semantics of the Images on the Matrices found in the Town of Kubrat and the Village of Gorsko Ablanovo, Targovishte District

V. Velkov. Der thrakische König Hebryzelmis und seine Herkunft

K. Jordanov. Les Strateges d'Alexandre le Grand en Thrace

P. Delev. Lysimachus and the Lion

G. Kitov, N. Theodossiev. New Data on Thracian Archaeology and Religion from the Tumuli near the Villages of Shipka and Sheynovo in the Kazanluk Region (Preliminary publication)

J. Valeva. The Sveshtari Figures (An Attempt to Specify Several Hypotheses)

I. Marazov. Sacrificial Crisis and Cultural Change

V. Lozanova. Der thrakische Königsname Kotys

N. Theodossiev. The Sacred Mountain of the Ancient Thracians

D. Gergova. Skias – the Newly Discovered Inscription from the Thracian Tumulus near Kupinovo, Veliko Turnovo District

J. Jurukova. Un des ezploits d'Heracles dans une icnographie nouvelle

I. Karajotov. Le monnayage d'Apollonia a la lumiere des decouvertes les plus recentes

K. Dimitrov. Hoard of Hellenistic Bronze Coins from Mesambria Pontica in the Depository of the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia (IGCH 884)

K. Rabadjiev. Herakles Psychopompos (?) in Thrace (An Attempt at Superinterpretation)

M. Tacheva. The Northern Border of the Thracia Province the Severi (2. From Nicopolis ad Istrum to Odessos)

H. Bujukliev. Le bronze antique du territoire d’Augusta Trajana

D. Boteva. Thrace and Lower Moesia during the Reign of Macrinus (217-218 AD)

I. Prokopov. Again on the Kolyo Marinovo Coin Hoard

N. Stanev. Le concile de sardique de 343: etape nouvelle dans le lute des idees au IVe Siecle

V. Popova-Moroz. Late Antiquity Portrait of an Emperor from Constantia

T. Spiridonov. Mediaeval Sources about the Historical Geography of Ancient Thrace. 1. The Thracian Name of the Settlement near Svilengrad

I. Georgieva. Le pain azyme et le pain leve du bulgare

G. Valtchinova. La Thrace au bon vin et les thraces-buveurs (une lecture alternative)

S. Raychevski. Alexander of Macedon and Yuda-Pirinska in the Folklore of the Bulgarians from the Rhodope Mountains and Southern Thrace

G. Vasiev. Orphisme et  Bogomilisme

V. Gjuzelev. Notizien über Rolle des Papsttums in der bulgarischen Geschichte im Mittelalter

K. Gagova. L’Administiration bulgare en Thrace au moyen age

D. Bakalov. Le providentialisme dans l’ideologie d’etat de l‘empire Byzantin

B. Dimitrov, N. Džemerenov. Urkunden über das Kloster "Sv. Ivan Predteća"

A. Petkov, M. Georgiev. Ten Years since the Establishing of the Archaeometry Laboratory at the Institute of Thracology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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Publisher Institute of Balkan Studies and Centre of Tracology (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Language English, French, German
Pages 567
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings
Binding hardback
ISSN 0204-9872
Creation date 1995
Size 16 x 24 cm

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