Studia in Honorem Bozhidari Dimitrov. Proceedings of the National Museum of History: Volume XXVIII
Юбилеен сборник Божидар Димитров. Известия на Националния исторически музей. Том XXVIII
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/

B. Petrunova. Ad multos annos

P. Devlova. Creative biography of prof. Bozhidar Dimitrov

P. Devlova. Bibliography of the writings of prof. Bozhidar Dimitrov


M. Avramova. Gold Bracelet from the Chalcolithic in the Collection of NMH

M. Hristov. Gold Objects from the Late Chalcolithic in the Collection of NMH

D. Nedev. East-Greek Painted Pottery from Apollonia Pontica (Late 7th6th Century BC) (According to the Data from the Archaeological Researches in the Old Part of Sozopol)

T. Bogdanova. Metal Instruments, Associated with a Woman’s Beauty Care (Based on Data from the Necropolis of Apollonia Pontica)

I. Kirov. Pre-Roman Building Ceramics from the Guld of Vromos, the Water Area of the Town of Chernomorets. Dating and Parallels

D. Stoyanova, C. Tzochev. The Tomb with the Panthers in Zhaba Mogila, Strelcha: Preliminary Obsrvations

M. Manov. A Votive Tablet with the Thracian Horseman from the NMH, Sofia

I. Hristov. Newly Discovered Sanctuary of the God Sylvanus in the Village of Butan, Vratza Province

V. Stoichkov, R. Ivanov. On the Cohorts of the Roman Legio V Macedonica in Late Antiquity

K. Karadimitrova, L. Konova, E. Penkova. Two Newly-Acquired Monuments of the Roman Portrait Sculpture in the Collection of the NMH

G. Lazov. Fragments of a Statue Composition with a Dionysian Scene from the Roman Period in the NMH Collection

V. Tenekedzhiev. Early Christian Slav with Incised Decoration from the Fortress in the Euxinograd Residence near Varna

G. Atanasov. Nine Sharaptash-Pagan Altars found in Drastar (Silistra)

S. Stanilov. Bronze Image of a Horseman-Falconer from Bulgaria

B. Petrunova. Researches and Finds from the Fortress of Lyutitza

I. Kanev. Medieval Swords from NMH Collection

M. Inkova. The Gateway of the Late Antique and Early Byzantine Fortrees “Kalyata” near Yakoruda

K. Totev. Ceramic Vessel with an Inscription from the Excavations in Trapezitza

N. Todorov. New Detail to the Reconstruction of the North Gateway of the Trapezitza Fortress

Numismatics and Epigraphics

V. Penchev. A Hoard of Late Hellenistic Tetradrachms Found within the Boundaries of the Village of Levka, Svilengrad Region

V. Penchev. A Hoard of Pre-Reform Thessaloniki Nomismata Histamena of Emperor Alexios Komnenos, Found during the Archaeological Excavations in the Medieval Fortress of Balak Dere near Ivaylovgrad

V. Penchev. Rare Coin of Manuel Komnenos Doukas, Despotes of Thessaloniki (12301237), Found during the Archaeological Excavations in the Medieval Fortress of Balak Dere near Ivaylovgrad

T. Popov. New Source for the History of Thessaloniki after 1230

P. Petrunov. New Data of the Copper Coinage of Despot Dobrotitsa

N. Sharankov. Three Apollonian Inscriptions from the Classical and Hellenistic Period

I. Hristov, K. Stoev. Roman Military Diploma Dated 11 October 146 AD Issued for a Soldier of Cohors II Mattiacorum


N. Markov. Notes on a Medieval “Constantinopolitan” Myth

V. Nesheva. Melnik and the Balkan Rulers in IXXIV Century

R. Ivanov. Deultum on the Historical Maps from the XVXVIII Century

M. Nikolov. On the Writings about the Localization of Paroria

V. Gyuzelev. Seamen – Bulgarians and Residents of Bulgarian Coastal Cities in the Fleet of the Republic of Genoese

N. Mitev. Two Letters of the Negotiations in 1444 between King Władysław Warneńczyk (14341451)

T. Raychevska. The Emergence of Burgas in the 16th Century According to the Known Ottoman Documents

I. Ilieva. Bulgaria and Montenegro in the Know of the Balkan Problems (19001903)

V. Zadgorska. From the Memoirs of Hristo Kalfov

N. Kochankov. Social Engineering, Propaganda andDiplomacy: The Image of the Slovak National-Authoritarian State in Bulgaria (19391944)

K. Uzunova. Thracian Refugees and Their Accomodation in Haskovo Region in the 20s and 30s Century  A Sad Page in Our National History

V. Uzunova. The Waft of the “Détente”  The Bulgarian-American Relations in the 1960s

M. Zlatkova. Postcards as Historical Source (From the “Pictures from 18781944 Period” Collection of NMH


E. Gutzeva. The Woman behind the Costume. Has the Interest in Traditional Folk Costumes Vanished and Whatn Lies behind the Inventory Number 50797/1-6 of the NMH Collection?

V. Kerelezova. Wall Carpets from the Collection of the NMH with Themes from the Bulgarian History

M. Koleva. On Some Folk Beliefs and Treatments. Part Three

Art Studies

I. Marazov. Theseus and the Sea

T. Evlogieva-Katzarova. Velvet, Silk and Gold in Bulgarian Manuscripts from the 16th18th Century

Literary Heritage

N. Vutova. On the Three Hats Watermark and Several Bulgarian Manuscripts from the 19th Century

E. Kotzeva. The Book… for the Books

I. Karachorova. The Composition of the Boyana Psalter from the 13th Century

V. Velinova. On a Copy of the Palaea Historica of the Last Decades of the 14th C., Kept in the Collection of the National Museum of History

L. Nenkovska. The Altered Function of the Initial in a Group of Liturgical Manuscripts from the 17th18th Centuries

Museum Activities

M. Inkova. Aristocrats and Warriors. The Silver Belts of the Bulgarian, 7th8th Century

N. Vutova, T. Evlogieva-Katzarova. “Bulgarian Autocephalous Archbishopric of Ohrid 10181776” Exhibition in the National History Museum   

L. Boneva. Canepal Project Collection in the Light of the Current Museological Debate

Юбилеен сборник Божидар Димитров

Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 624
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISSN 1311–5219
Creation date 2016
Size 20 х 28 cm

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