Proceedings of the National Museum of History. Vol. XXXII
Известия на Националния исторически музей. Том XXXII
Category: Proceedings of the National Museum of History
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/


M. Popova. Tell in the Skritata mogila site, in the land of the village of Poroy, municipality of Pomorie results of the 2018 archaeological research (Preliminary report)

M. Popova. On a type of objects with unclear purpose from the Eneolithic period

S. Ivanov. New interpretation of a Late Chalcolithic structure in the necropolis at Tell no.1 near the village of Kosharna, Ruse province

Y. Boyadzhiev, N. Skakun et al. New data from Kamenovo  prehistoric lithic workshop, NE Bulgaria

P. Devlova, M .Krumova. New information from the archaeological research of the ancient fortress Ravadinovo in the territory of the Greek apoikia of Apollonia Pontica

I. Kirov. Building ceramics from the antique fortress at Ravadinovo

M. Krumova. Greek vase painting as an iconographic evidence of textile production in the Archaic and the Classical period

K. Pramatarov. Weaponry in burial mound complexes in the province of Thracia (1st3rd c. AD)

I. Hristov. A roadside sanctuary with a milestone (miliarium) from the time of emperor Philip I Arab on the route of the ancient road OescusPhilippopolis at the Sostra castellum

B. Petrunova, Z. Yanakieva. A nephrite belt slide

P. Petrunov. Glass bracelets: History, distribution, materials in Medieval Bulgaria and new data from Lyutitsa, Ivaylovgrad municipality, Haskovo province

Numismatics and epigraphics

K. Yordanova. Typology and chronology of Apollonia Pontica`s coinage (5th1st c. BC)

R. Gushterakliev. Hoards discovered during the 20152016 archaeological research of the Sostra roadside complex (Coins found around Philip i’s miliarium from 244 AD)

I. Hristov. An Early Byzantine bronze steelyard weight with the bust of an empress

V. Penchev. Silver European and Latin American coins from the second half of the 19th century (Until the Liberation) in the numismatic collection of the National History Museum, Sofia

V. Penchev. Gold Hungarian, Transylvanian and Austrian ducat coins (15th19th c.) from the numismatic collection of the National History Museum, Sofia

R. Peevski. A rare silver coin of the Byzantine emperor John VII Palaeologos


K. Yordanov. Bulgarian folklore relicts from the time of the Fourth crusade and the frankokratia in North-Western Thrace

T. Raychevska. The Strandzha waqf of Haseki Hürrem sultan or a documentary study of the hasekiya region in Strandzha

I. Stoyanova . The Bulgarian revivalist Aleksandar Ekzarh and his “memoire for the sake of the Bulgarians” (A document from the collection of the National History Museum, Sofia)

N. Markov. Notes on a rare pendant icon from the Revival period with the image of St Stylianos

N. Markov. About a “newly discovered” object, testifying to the dramatic events in April, 1876

N. Kochankov. Bulgaria and Yugoslavia (19381941): Policy and diplomacy on the Balkans and in Europe. Part I: From the Munich Conference to the MolotovRibbentrop Pact

M. Simov. The “invasion” of the car in Socialist Sofia


D. Vasilev. The wooden calendar rabosh, an extinct element of the traditional culture


V. Zadgorska, E. Tsenova. Diplomacy and valour, an exhibition in the National History Museum, Sofia

Z .Yanakieva. “Treasures of the earth  crystals, precious stones and artefacts“ exhibition

H. Hristov. 140 years Bulgarian navy


Publisher National Museum of History – Sofia
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 520
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1311–5219
Creation date 2020
Size 21 x 29 cm

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