Table of contents /summaries/


Iv. Hristov. Monuments of the Thracian culture in the Western Rhodopes  The Dobrostan Hill

G. Lazov. Thracian silver skyphos with relief decoration

Iv. Hristov. Investigation of vicus from Roman time in the vicinity of Tuchenitsa village, Pleven district

M. Kamisheva. Clay trays of the Roman period from the ancient settlement by Tuchenitsa village, Pleven region

D. Avramova. Typology of a kind of ceramic jugs from Ulpia Eskus

N. Markov. New Gnostic amulet from North-Western Bulgaria

E. Pencheva. Early Byzantine fortification in the Evrejskoto kale locality near the village of Dolni Pasarel

N. Markov, E. Peeva. Unpublished sixth century gold hoard from the National museum collections

Iv. Kunev. Encolpion from Christian necropolis at the Eastern gate of Pliska


Vl. Penchev. New type bronze coins of the Thracian town of Apros

Vl. Penchev. A second specimen of the imitations of anonymous Byzantine folesses from the 11th century with an “Ipsylon”-like sign of the reverse

Vl. Penchev. A silver coin of the Transilvanian knyaz Gabor Betlem (1626), unvocered during archaeological excavations in Silistra


Ts. Raichevska. Murad II’s 1444 campaign against the Crusaders according to the Ottoman written source “An account of the religious battles of Sultan Murad Khan”

D. Pavlov. A Russian nobleman on the roads of the Russian-Turkish war (18771978) in Bulgaria

D. Pavlov. The Archive of the Shipka veterans and volunteers’ society in Troyan from the Bulgarian and the Slavic world museum collections

N. Kochankov. Between the reality and the national ideal: Ivan Mihailov in Zagreb (19411944)

Collections from the funds of the NHM

I. Ilieva. Review of the BSWM collections

Conservation and restoration

D. Nikolova.  A variant of a qualitative reaction for provement of iodine in imitative coatings


V. kerelezova, E. Boyadgieva. Ethnographic exhibitions arranged during 2005 in several local museums by NHM

N. Markov. Comment for comment


Известия на Националния исторически музей. Том XVI

Publisher National Museum of History – Sofia
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 232
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1311–5219
Creation date 2006
Size 21 x 28 cm

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