The Defence System of the Late Roman Province of Scythia 
(the end of the 3rd  the 7th century A.D.)

Author: Sergei Torbatov. Language: Bulgarian with an extended summary in English


Table of contents


Introduction: The Province of Scythia in the Administrative and Military Structure of the Roman Empire

1. Establishing and Administrative Organization

2. Borders

Chapter I. Sources about the Defense System of the Province of Scythia

1. Written Sources

2. Epigraphic Evidence

3. Archaeological Evidence

Chapter II. The Components of the System

1. Functional and typological Content of the Late Roman Fortification Terminology

2. Constructional, Chronological and Functional Features of the Fortified Sites in the Province of Scythia

Chapter III. Development of the System

1. Classification of the Fortified Sites

2. Periodization of the Development of the Defense System

Chapter IV. The System in Action

1. The Defense of the Imperial Frontier and the Interprovincial Security

2. The Fortification at the Sea-shore


List of figures

Укрепителната система на провинция Скития (края на ІІІ–VІІ в.)


Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian with summary in English
Pages 536
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-775-113-1
Creation date 2002
Size 16 х 24 cm

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