The Mysteries of Mithra
Les mystères de Mithra
Мистериите на Митра

Langauge: Bulgarian
Category: Roman religion


   The colorful religion of Mithra originated in Persia, and enjoyed an immense popularity in the Roman Empire, becoming so popular in the valleys of the Danube and Rhine and in Great Britain that for a time Europe almost became Mithraic. When Mithra and Early Christianity met, the result was a ferocious implacable duel, the marks of which still can be detected on the body of present-day Christian doctrine.
   This definitive treatment of Mithrais religion by the recognized authority on classical religions pieces together information from the fragments of texts, bas-reliefs, statuary, etc., remaining from the almost total destruction of the religion centuries ago. In a work of masterful scholarship, Dr. Cumont reconstructs the charateristics of the principle divinities, the rituals, the mystery teachings, the liturgy and clergy, the attitude towards Mithra of the typical Roman soldier, the rapid dissemination of the religion in the early years of the Christian era.


Table of contents 

1. Произход на митраизма
The Origins of Mithraism

2. Разпространение в Римската империя
2. The Dissemination of Mithraism in the Roman Empire

3. Митра и императорската власт
3. Mithra and the Imperial Power of Rome

4. Доктрината на мистериите
4. The Doctrine of the Mithraic Mysteries

5. Литургията, жречеството и вярващите
5. The Mithraic Liturgy, Clergy and Devotees

6. Митра и религиите в империята
6. Mithraism and the Religions of the Empire

Приложение 1. Митраисткото изкуство

Приложение 2. Митраизмът в българските земи




Publisher Shambala
Language Bulgarian
Pages 300
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-8126-40-0
Creation date 2020
Size 16 х 24 cm

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