Dimitar Ivanov. Mars
Category: Roman religion


    Mars is a continuation of the author's research in his previous book Ares. However, the continuation is not cause by the similar typological characteristics of "the war gods" in Hellas and Rome, neither by the popular inderstanding of Mars as a Roman quivalent of the Greek Ares. According to the author, both of the personages are situated in a wide problem circle of historical and culturological investigations. This cirle is denoted by the old Greek term Arete  an assembly man's vitue purposefully brought up by the ancient state ideology by means of the school, theatre, and the maintaining of family, lineal, and more commom customs and rituals.


Table of contents

Introduction: the Arete Project

Gods free of myths

The names

The children of the she-wolf

From Urbs to Orbis

The Sacred Places

The Calendar

The Images

Romanization and Romanism

The Hidden Meanings

Towards the Mysterial Faith


Index of the Names

List of illustrations

Catalogue of the chosen written sources


Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language English
Pages 270
Illustrations color plates
Binding paperback
Creation date 2004
Size 17 х 24 cm

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