Elena Kesyakova, Dimitar Raichev. Philippopolis
Categories: Philippopolis; Town of Plovdiv
Language: English


     This album is a historical document for the ancient and eternal town of Plovdiv as well as a curious look at the past centuries. On the pages of "Philipopolis" you can see reconstructions of many key locations in the ancient city: the Eastern Gate, the Amphitheatre, the Roman Stadium, the Aqueducts, the residential buildings and tamples with their impressive mosaics. Recreated using arhaeological documents and literature, the millennia-old artifacts have taken on a new life.

     "Philipopolis" drows a vivid and convincing picture of the ancient town  one that is not frozen in cold stone but is reborn through images and the stories from the past. The rich illustrative material will capture your imagination and will lead you through the labyrinth of the centuries. The detailed information about the archaeological sites will lift the veil of time and reveal the secrets of antiquity before you.


Table of contents


Eastern Gate


Bouleuterion (Odeon)

City Library

Roman Stadium

Roman Thermae



Eirene Building

Narcissus Building

Episcopal Basilica




Елена Кесякова, Димитър Райчев. Филипопол

Publisher Hermes
Language English
Pages 106
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-26-1119-6
Creation date 2012
Size 22 х 15 cm

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