Regional Archaeological Museum  Plovdiv: A Guide
Language: English; Category: Plovdiv


Table of contents

Museum history

Prehistoric culture in the region of Plovdiv (7th3rd Millennium BC)

Religion in the prehistoric times (6th3rd Millennium BC)

Thracian culture (3rd1st Millennium BC)

Thracian’s culture in 5th1st c. BC: Odrysian Kingdom

The circulation of coins of Philippopolis (6th c. BC  16th c. AD)

Philippopolis in the Roman period (1st4th c. AD)

Culture and religion in the Middle Ages (4th14th c. AD)


Publisher Regional Archaeological Museum – Plovdiv
Language Englsih
Pages 58
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
Creation date 2020
Size 12 x 20 cm

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