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V. Nikolov. Neolithic pit sanctuaries (

M. Grębska-Kulova, I. Kulov, L. Salanova, J. Vieugue, L. Gomart. The Early Neolithic settlement of Ilindentsi, Strumyani Municipality. Excavations 2004-2009 (

K. Rabadjiev. Thracian tombs: mausoleums, temples, heroons? Part I (

V. Dinchev. To the urban planning of Serdica (

S. Torbatov. The CORTISIBRA and CIB stamps from castellum Trimammium (


N. Ovcharov. A ninth-century silver icon with the image of St. Basil from the complex at Perperikon (

K. Totev, I. Kunev. Two silver encolpions from Bulgaria (

D. Vladimirova-Aladzhova. On the theriac lids from Bulgaria (


V. Pletnyov. Konstantin Totev, Еvgeni Dermendjiev, Plamen Karailiev, Diana Koseva. Archaeological studies on the medieval town of Trapezitsa. Sector North, I. Veliko Tarnovo, 2011, 282 p., 53 colour tables and 185 photos


Y. Dimitrov, A. Aladzhov. International conference "Early medieval culture in the seventh-eleventh centuries AD in the areas of modern Bulgaria and Slovakia", held in Nitra, Slovakia, 3-5 November 2010

M. Damyanov. The Exhibition "Shadows from Beyond: The ancient cemetery of Nesebar"

P. Dimitrov, G. Ivanov. Publications of the staff of the National Institute of Archaeology and Museum  Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2010

Defended dissertations

In memoriam

Professor Dr. Vassilka Gerasimova-Tomova (1940  2011)

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian (with summaries in English)
Pages 154
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0324-1203
Creation date 2011
Size 21 x 28 cm

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