Troesmis  A changing landscape: Romans and the Others in the Lower Danube Region in the First Century BC  Third Century AD. Proceedings of an international colloquium. Tulcea, 7th10th of October 2015 (Biblioteca Istro-Pontică. Serie Arheologie 12)
Language: English, German


Table of contents


C. Alexandrescu, C. Gugl. The Troesmis-Project 20112015  Research Questions and Methodology

G. Grabherr, B. Kainrath. Geophysical Research at Troesmis 20112015

W. Eck. Die Lex municipalis Troesmensium: Ihr rechtlicher und politisch-sozialer Kontext

C. Alexandrescu. Not Just Stone: Lithic Material from Troesmis  Local Resources and Imports ]

F. Topoleanu. Oil Lamps from Troesmis

D. Spânu. Barbaricum Beyond Troesmis in Roman Imperial Period: a Changing Cultural Mosaic

L. Oța. Beyond the Lower Danubian Limes  Sarmatians and Romans

A. Panaite. A Changing Landscape: the Organization of the Roman Road Network in Moesia Inferior

M. Zahariade. Legio I Iovia Scythica and Legio II Herculia in Itinerarium Antonini 225.2.3; 226.1

T. Sarnowski. Legionary Fortress at Novae in Lower Moesia. Old and New Observations Made during the Recent Work per Lineam Munitionum

A. Tomas. Tracing Civilian Settlement in the Surroundings of Novae (Lower Moesia). Sources, Investigations, Results

Z. Dimitrov. Newly Found Architectural Elements from the Region of Roman Baths Complexes in Ulpia Ratiaria

V. Baumann. Noviodunum. Un document épigraphique de la phase pré-municipale 

P. Dyczek. On the So-Called Legionary Pottery and “Mysterious” Lower Danube Kaolin Wares (LDKW)

N. Roussev. Clay Oil Lamps from Sexaginta Prista (First to Third Century AD)

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