George Valentin Bounegru. The Northern necropolis of Apulum: “Ambulance station”, 19811985
Language: English


Table of contents


I. Funerary rites and rituals in the Roman World

II. Apulum. Geographical setting

III. Early beginnings of urban life at Apulum

IV. History of research in the northern cemetery

IV.1. The 19811985 excavation results

IV.2. Recent research in the northern cemetery

V. Funerary rites

V.1. Cremation graves

V.1.1. Ustrinum cremations

V.1.2. Bustum cremations

V.2. Inhumations

VI. Grave goods

VI.1. Notes on coinage deposition in graves

VI.2. Food offerings

VI.2.1. Pottery

VI.2.1.1.Wares for liquids

VI.2.1.2.Vessels for half-liquid or solid foods

VI.2.1.3. Ritual vessels

VI.2.2. Conclusions on pottery grave goods

VI.3. Lamps (lucernae)

VI.4. Terracota/ toys

VI.5. Adornment objects and dress accessories

VI.5.1. Hairpins (aci crinali/ comatoria)

VI.5.2. Brooches

VI.5.3. Beads

VI.5.4. Pendants, amulets (amuletum)

VI.5.5. Bracelets

VI.5.6. Rings (anulae)

VI.5.7. Earrings (inaures)

VI. 6. Pieces of military equipment

VI.6.1. Cingulum hooks

VI.6.2. Cingulum buttons

VI.6.3. Appliques

VI.6.4. Strap end fittings

VI.6.5. Shield boss

VI.7. Iron objects

VI.7.1. Iron key (clavus)

VI.7.2. Knives

VI.8. Glass objects

VII. Monuments

VIII.1. Stone sarcophagi

VIII.2. Monument fragments

VIII. Conclusions regarding the funerary rites and rituals in the northern cemetery at apulum, with emphasis on the 1981–1985 excavation campaigns

Appendix 1. Catalogue of graves

Appendix 2. Late Roman artifacts found in the stratum or in late contexts

Appendix 3. Catalogue of the monuments found in the 19811985 campaigns

Appendix 4. Identified coins





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Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
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ISBN 978-606-543-935-1
Creation date 2017
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